Hanwha Jung Eun-won ‘Postponed Military Entrance’ to 2024 Season, which will reflect his extraordinary will

Hanwha Eagles infielder Jung Eun-won (23) faced many serious concerns in the second half of the 2023 season. Countless agony lingered in his mind from the most serious batting slump since his debut, to changes in batting form to solve the problems and his decision to join the second division.헤라카지노

However, the longest stay in his mind was also the military enlistment. Jung Eun-won has been a regular infielder with the Hanwha Eagles since 2018, his debut season. He never had the opportunity to join the military early and had no chance to benefit from the military service as a member of the national team. Having played six seasons in the Hanwha Eagles alone, he will be 24 next year. Considering his future career, of course, it would be wise not to postpone his mandatory military service any longer. Jung decided to join the military at the end of the second half and conveyed his intention to the club.

Jung Eun-won’s decision to join the military also gave Hanwha a lot of thought. He had to fill the gap between the starting second basemen that would arise right away. Hanwha turned to the free agent market, although there is a rookie Moon Hyun-bin, but he still lacks experience. The team is preparing for the 2024 season by recruiting Ahn Chi-hong, a big infielder, for up to 7.2 billion won (approx.

However, a variable came up in the process. Jung Eun-won changed her decision to postpone her enlistment for one year. Jung reportedly shared her deep concerns by holding an exclusive meeting with coach Choi Won-ho at the closing camp.

Ultimately, Hanwha will continue to be accompanied by Jung Eun-won through the 2024 season. Jung has been preparing for the new season with strong commitment including training as an outfielder at the closing camp.

Jung Eun-won will be on the starting line once again after 2018. He needs to renew his competition as a second baseman with An Chi-hong and Moon Hyun-bin. To play as an outfielder, he has to adapt to new positions. The assignment is never light from the offseason.

Motivation is already sufficient. A season ahead of joining the military does not necessarily mean that desperation is weak. It is important for players in their early to mid-20s who have more full-time experience to steadily build their careers before joining the military. That way, they can further enhance their value when they return to the main league. The 2024 season could be the most important year for Jung Eun-won since his debut.

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