Silent U.S. media sources… Ko Woo-suk’s posting deadline D-7, will dreams come true?

“Week of Destiny.” Will Ko’s first dream to advance to the Major League come true.

LG Twins closer Ko Woo-suk’s deadline for posting to the Major League is just a week away. KBO announced its intention to post Kiwoom Heroes’ Lee Jung-hoo and LG’s Ko Woo-seok from the MLB Secretariat on December 5 (Korea time), and announced that it was notified that the MLB Secretariat had announced to 30 clubs as of December 4 (U.S. Eastern Time). Under the Korea-U.S. player contract agreement, 30 MLB clubs must sign contracts after negotiation by 7 a.m. on January 4th next year Korean time.월카지노

The two, who are close friends of the same age and “legal family” who became brother-in-law and brother-in-law when Ko Woo-suk married Lee Jung-hoo’s sister, took on the challenge of the Major League at one point in time. Lee Jung-hoo has already finished his contract. Lee Jung-hoo signed a mega six-year contract worth up to $113 million (about 146.3 billion won) with the San Francisco Giants, and the San Francisco club officially announced it on Dec. 15. Lee Jung-hoo, who even finished the press conference for joining the team, is already in the first stage to become a major leaguer.

In the case of Ko Woo-suk, there is no word that he is close to the contract yet. Media reports revealed that the St. Louis Cardinals, who need to reinforce the bullpen at the beginning of the posting, had a meeting with Ko Woo-suk’s local agent, but it is not known exactly what progress has been made since then. A positive trend was formed as local media first reported that “Korean closer Ko Woo-suk may be a good alternative” to clubs that need more bullpen, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Looking at the recent trend of sports media in the United States that specialize in major league news, reports are made quickly through SNS and the speed of subsequent reports is very fast. In particular, in the case of the transfer market, information sharing is so fast that it can be checked within seconds in Korea.

However, no specific details have been mentioned recently regarding the possibility of Ko’s transfer. Some media only mentioned that “Asian players such as relief pitcher Ko Woo-suk may join the Major League ahead of the 2024 season.”

Major League Baseball officials are not making any big moves as they enter the end of the year vacation before or after Christmas, and it is expected that Ko Woo-suk’s posting will not be made until the end of the year. However, since the posting negotiation period is 30 days and the deadline is just around the corner when it enters January, it may not be easy if there is no progress in the negotiations so far.

LG is also in a position to wait. Currently, there is nothing LG can do. LG granted conditional approval to Ko’s posting. The intention was to allow him to try, but to make a final decision with the player after the amount of posting money is released. It is nothing but an expression of objection if Ko, who LG nominated and raised his pet as a top-rated closing pitcher, says he would go for a bargain.

LG Twins’ own Cheongbaek match held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 29th. Ko Woo-suk is pitching hard. Jamsil = Reporter Park Jae-man /2023.10.29/
Ko Woo-suk is also waiting calmly, leaving it to the agency. In fact, not being able to sign a contract this time because it is a posting does not mean that Ko has nowhere to go right away. He also expressed his intention not to be disappointed and to focus more on preparing for the 2024 season if unsatisfactory results come out.

Officials see it as an “opportunity to make oneself known after obtaining FA qualification next year.” The posting allows them to imprint their names on 30 major league clubs once again, and if they qualify as FA a year later, they will be able to negotiate more freely than then.

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