“Crazy batting sense” First 3 hits explosion → 9G consecutive hits → 4.441 batting average… KIA’s mandatory infielder, will his batting talent explode in the promised land

Park Min (22) of the KIA Tigers is flying fast in the Australian professional league. He has had hits in nine consecutive recent games. Park, who went to the Canberra Caballie Club in the Australian professional league to study baseball to gain experience after being discharged from the military, had a poor batting performance in the early days of the league, but has displayed impressive batting performance lately. He recorded his first three-hit game.월카지노

Park started as the second shortstop in a game against the Perth Heat on Friday. He showed strong performance as a table setter, making three hits, one RBI, and one run from five times at bat.

At his first at-bat, he was out with one out in the first inning. He was grounded out to the second base in the third inning, with two outs and runners on the second base. He hit a hit to the middle of the fifth inning, with one out and runners on the first and second bases, giving him a chance. Corey Acton, the follow-up hitter, grounded out to the first base and failed to score.

When leadoff hitter Andrew Moritz drew a walk and reached base in the eighth inning with the score tied at 0-0, Park had a bunt hit to first and third bases, creating a scoring opportunity with no outs. Acton’s walk loaded the bases with no outs. When Azuma Junfei grounded out to third base, the runner was out at home, loading the bases with one out.

Robbie Perkins’ infield single to second base and the throwing error to second base all scored third base runner Park, second base runner, and first base runner. Canberra led 3-0, and then went on a 6-0 run following an opponent’s defensive error.

Canberra’s batting order turned around, and with the bases loaded with one out, Park scored an RBI single on an infield single to shortstop. Canberra won 8-0.

Park has been hitting for nine consecutive games since the match against Adelaide on the 14th. Park, who had his first two hits in the 10th game of the Australian League, has hit multiple hits five times out of the last nine games.

The day was his first three-hit game. He has posted 15 hits from 34 times at bat in the recent nine games, and posted a batting average of 4.401 percent, showing good momentum. He has posted a batting average of 261 percent (23 hits from 88 times at bat) with one homer, eight RBIs, 14 runs scored, five walks and 19 strikeouts in this season.

Park Min is a prospect who received KIA’s nomination in the second round (6th overall) of the 2020 rookie draft.

Through 2022, Park recorded a batting average of 158, or six hits from 38 times at bat, in a total of 30 games, and joined the Sangmu Baseball Organization. Park played in Futures League games in 2022 and 2023, posting a batting average of .300 for two consecutive years. In 2022, he recorded a batting average of .333 (46 hits) with three homers and 45 RBIs in 63 games, and in 2023, he recorded a batting average of .35 (43 hits) with one homer and 23 RBIs with a batting average of .760.

Park was discharged from Sangmu last November, and the Kia Tigers sent her to Canberly to offer experiences to prospective players. Park can play second and third basemen in addition to shortstop. She also played second and third basemen in Canberra in the beginning, and has been playing shortstop steadily recently.

Park Min, who is gaining experience in Sangmu and Australia, is expected to receive an opportunity as an all-weather backup for KIA’s infield next season.

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