Where are the 11 non-FA contractors going? Failed to sign a contract in 2023? Super long-term war, surprise transfer? “January of fate.”

2023 is only two days away. Most companies in Korea closed after the 29th. It is the end of the year holiday from the 30th to the 1st of next month. Due to the circumstances, FA negotiations and contracts are likely not to come out during this period. There are still 11 people left in the KBO League FA market.

It is common and natural for FA contracts to pass from January to February. However, it is certainly surprising that there are as many as 11 players. FA contracts are definitely slower than usual. Although the season ended late, there are constant rumors that some players are in pain with the club.월카지노

In reality, there is a high possibility that 11 uncontracted players will not be offered by other clubs in the future. If clubs want to recruit outside FA, they have already moved. Clubs do not have much movement because of salary caps this winter, and some teams have reinforced them with the second draft.

Chances are high that the club will take the initiative in the satba fight between January and February as usual. Some of them reportedly did not negotiate well with their original teams. If so, will all 11 uncontracted players return to their original teams? That is something we never know. This is because there is a variable called “signing and trading.”

Anyway, it is January of destiny from the player’s point of view. If he fails to sign the contract in January, he will not be able to join the spring camp for the top. They say he is building his body through personal training, but it is bad news that the team cannot perform the training required by the team properly. Some players may have to worry about missing FA players.

The 2023 professional baseball game between NC-LG at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on September 22, 2023 in Seoul. Kim Min-sung/My Daily

The players that are paying the most attention to at this point are Kim Sun-bin and Oh Seung-hwan. The two have decided to remain at the Kia Tigers and the Samsung Lions in a broad framework. However, there are constantly talks about differences in details. The fact that the two sides have virtually failed to reach a conclusion within this year means that the gap is not narrowing. He can fully utilize the time of January, but no one can guarantee what will happen if the negotiation period gets longer.

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