After studying in Australia, he returned from the 1st nomination to increase the number of innings and equip himself with new weapons… “A very special and precious experience.”

Samsung Lions pitcher Lee Seung-hyun has grown to the next level through the Australian professional baseball stage. He is trying to transform himself into a starter, but he has enhanced his competitiveness through various experiences on the new stage.월카지노

Lee made his professional debut after receiving the first Samsung nomination in 2021, and posted four wins, 13 losses, six saves, and 28 holds in 147 games in the first division. His ERA was 4.90, when he started in the Australian professional baseball league. He pitched six times for the Adelaide Giants, leaving one loss without a win (ERA of 4.32).

“I really liked playing baseball. While working with Korean players as well as players from around the world, including the U.S., Japan, I asked them a lot about what they consider important when playing baseball, their attitude toward baseball, and their technical skills. It was a very special and precious experience for me,” Lee said.

He got a lot of advice from veteran pitcher Toru Murata, who has experienced both Major League Baseball and Japanese pro baseball. “I met veteran pitchers who have experienced both Major League Baseball and Japanese pro baseball and asked them a lot about pitching repertoire and preparation training,” he said. “I added some parts of my training routine based on my advice. I used to practice driving line and tubing before throwing balls and exercise hip bands a lot.”

“His strength is that he does not have any injuries, although he lacks the ability to throw consecutive games,” said Lee Jong-yeol, the team’s general manager who watched Lee’s pitching in Australia. “If Lee and Lee Ho-seong play the starting rotation next season, they will be in the best situation.” “If Lee and Lee continue to compete in good faith with other starting pitchers and grow up, they will be able to display tremendous capabilities. It would be the best scenario if the two players were given positions as starting pitchers.”

“It’s going very smoothly. I learned a lot and gained a lot from him as he increased the number of pitches and the longer the innings he had in Australia,” Lee said. “Since there are more foreign hitters who are stronger than those in Korea, I studied a lot on how to win by making the most of my strengths.”

He learned the know-how of two-seam from coach Park Hee-soo, who used two-seam fastballs as the king of holdovers when he was an active player. “It’s hard to mention the quality of performance. I asked my coach to tell me about it recklessly, but he explains it well. As I keep throwing balls in the game, I feel like I am getting caught little by little. I will learn hard and make it my own,” Lee Seung-hyun said.

Lee Seung-hyun, who learned a lot from studying in Australia, said, “There’s something I set a goal for before my coach and I went to Australia, but I think we’ve reached a satisfactory level. Also, thanks to the good management of the training coach, Han Heung-il, I was able to finish well without injury.”

“I will focus on training to improve my power and quickness such as crossfit,” he said, saying he will grow one step further based on what he has learned in Australia.

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