“Honestly, I don’t want to let you go.” I saw Orix’s paradoxical goodbye, Yamamoto, too. “I won’t forget that feeling.”

The Orix Buffaloes sent the best ace in the team’s history to the Major League, leaving a tearful goodbye. Yoshinobu Yamamoto sent the ace to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday under the title “Thank you for 14,470 pitches.”랭크카지노

The 14,470 pitches Yamamoto threw in the Orix Buffaloes during the regular season, the climax series, and the Japan Series from 2017 to this year. The Orix Buffaloes decided to remember Yamamoto with a graphic poster utilizing the 14,470 pitches. Then, they put a touching message on the poster.

In the poster, Orix said, “A fastball that ignores gravity, a magical breaking ball, and precise control that only makes you laugh. I’m grateful for all of the 14470 pitches he threw at the Buffaloes. To be honest, I miss him a lot, but I still want to see Yoshinobu Yamamoto playing in the U.S.”

Orix also said, “Kara Yoshinobu. Please prove that Japan is the best in the world beyond our reach,” looking forward to the day when Yamamoto will make a name for himself in the Major League Baseball as well.

Yamamoto is also said to have seen the poster. Asked about Orix’s poster at a press conference in Osaka, Japan on Thursday, Yamamoto said, “When was it released? Was it two days ago? I saw it on Instagram. I was so happy. I will never forget that and continue to work hard.”

Yamamoto also said, “The month I stayed in the U.S. was a very precious time. Every day was a dense day,” adding, “I fell asleep deeply the day before I returned home.”

It was early in his professional career that he began to dream about Major League Baseball. “I thought about Major League Baseball when I was 19 years old when I was training with Yoshitomo Tsutsugo,” he said. Tsutsugo remains in the U.S. and is trying again in the Major League. “Senior Tsutsugo told me congratulations on his successful contract and congratulated me on my successful contract,” Yamamoto said.

Shohei Ohtani, who has teamed up, reportedly mainly talked about baseball. “After the transfer was decided, we talked about baseball together when we entered the camp,” Yamamoto said. Ohtani signed a 10-year, 700 million-dollar contract with the Dodgers ahead of Yamamoto. Yamamoto then signed with the Dodgers with a 12-year, 325 million-dollar contract, the longest-serving Major League pitcher.

Meanwhile, Yamamoto said at the joining ceremony on the 28th, “I became a member of this historic franchise, and I can’t describe how much it means to me beyond joy to be able to call Los Angeles my new home.”

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