There’s nothing left to be desired. Hanwha continues to wait for RYU, although it’s already the new year

There is nothing to be desired. The team must lose. If it returns, it will be great; if it does not, it promises to be the next time. Ryu Hyun-jin’s return to the Hanwha Eagles is still in progress amid the arrival of the new year.헤라카지노

There is no other way. This is the case in the market. The Major League Baseball (MLB) is moving slower than ever. From Shohei Ohtani, the very limited express, to Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the biggest pitcher of the season, the team signed contracts after spending longer than expected. Players at the peak of the market are signing contracts late, which is slow. In addition, some teams are distancing themselves from the market due to broadcasting rights issues. They need players but cannot afford to spend money.

This is especially the case in the starting pitcher market that Ryu Hyun-jin belongs to. No other players have signed major FA contracts except Yamamoto (12 years, 325 million dollars) and Aaron Nola (seven years, 172 million dollars) of Philadelphia. Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery are also likely to surpass 100 million dollars, but they enter the new year without contract. Marcus Stroman, Shota Imana, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Clevinger, and Ryu Hyun-jin are among them.

Of course, some starters have already signed contracts worth less than 100 million dollars, such as Sonny Gray (St. Louis three years, 75 million dollars), Eduardo Rodriguez (Arizona four years, 80 million dollars), Lucas Giolito (Boston two years, 38.5 million dollars), Michael Waka (Kansas City two years, 32 million dollars), Seth Lugo (Kansas City, three years, 45 million dollars), and Jack Flaherty (Detroit one year, 14 million dollars). Eric Peddy (White Sox two years, 15 million dollars) and Chris Flexen (White Sox one year, 1.75 million dollars), who KBO League fans are familiar with, have also signed autographs.

Still, many pitchers remain in the market and multiple teams are looking at Ryu. There is a possibility that the Mets, who sought to recruit Giolito and Pedi, but failed to achieve it, will recruit Ryu. Arizona is also considered a team that can plan to recruit Ryu. As many teams have precious starting pitchers and have not completed rotation, chances are slim that Ryu will face spring camp without a uniform.

The key is the size of the contract. An annual salary is an opportunity. Ryu is not the biggest fish in the market like he was four years ago, but he has consistently proved his skills as a starting pitcher. If an offer comes that is less than expected, there is no need to be tied to staying in the ML.

This is where Hanwha sees it. He waits for Ryu Hyun-jin while checking the ML market. If Ryu Hyun-jin does not receive a satisfactory offer even if he waits, he will make a table and present a contract. Given the name value, skills and symbolism, the scale is most likely to be the best ever. It can surpass the four-year 15.1 billion won that Kim Kwang-hyun and SSG signed in March 2022.

“I’m ready. Sohn Hyuk, the head of the team who has been close to each other for a long time, will meet with Ryu Hyun-jin constantly. He has also secured room for salary cap to recruit Ryu. Hanwha has recorded a total annual salary of 8.53 billion won (6.37 million U.S. dollars) for the top 40 players based on salary cap in 2023. It has some 2.9 billion won (2.63 million dollars) to spare at the baseline of 11.4 billion won (11.43 billion dollars). Although the size of Ahn Chi-hong’s annual salary has increased further, if the contract structure is adjusted, Ryu can be paid the highest amount. If SSG drove 8.1 billion won (8.1 million dollars) for Kim Kwang-hyun in his first year, Hanwha can drive Ryu Hyun-jin a large amount in the second half of the contract.

It will be 2024, which is important in many ways. The team will have its last season at Hanwha Life Eagles Park, which the team has used since its foundation in 1986. The team will move to its newest stadium from 2025. When Ryu comes back, the team will have a splendid beginning and ending.

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