Im Sung-jae said, “The goal of winning the Masters and playing in the final match for the sixth consecutive time… I am not interested in LIV Golf.”

Im Sung-jae, who is active on the PGA Tour, expressed his ambition for the 2024 season through video interviews with local media ahead of his participation in the season opener.

Im Sung-jae, who has been resting and training without attending an official competition for two months since October last year, will start the 2024 season by participating in The Sentry (total prize money of $20 million) at the Kapalua Resort Plantation Course in Hawaii from the 5th (Korea time). A total of four Korean players, including Im Sung-jae and Kim Si-woo, Kim Joo-hyung and Ahn Byung-hoon, will participate in the competition.마카오토토

The tournament, which was held as the Centri Tournament of Champions until last year, only the winners of the previous year or the players who advanced to the Tour Championship participated, but this year, up to the top 50 winners of the previous year and FedEx Cup points were qualified.

Lim Sung-jae revealed his determination ahead of the opening of the season and his goals for this season through a video interview with the domestic media on the morning of the 3rd.

“I had the longest break since my PGA debut, and I had a great time in Korea, and I was able to make good memories while eating delicious food and meeting my acquaintances. Especially, hot pot and soondae gukbap, which are hard to eat in the U.S., were delicious,” Im Sung-jae said. The following are questions and answers.

Q: Your performance in this competition was good, but are you confident.

▶ I’m coming to this competition for the fourth time, and I think it was a competition that gave me a lot of good memories and confidence because I had good grades. This course has a lot of up-downs, but it’s not a long battlefield, so I think I can make a lot of birdie chances if there’s no wind. I’ll look forward to it since it’s not very windy this time.

  • What did you pay attention to during the offseason.

▶I spent time staying in Korea, doing weight training and speeding up my driver swing speed. However, I won’t try to hit hard because accuracy is important in a close game.

Q: If you were to evaluate last season on your own.

▶ There were a lot of disappointments, and it was a little sluggish in the middle, but I think I finished well with the Asian Games gold medal and the Tour Championship for five consecutive years.

  • How did you set your goals for this season.

▶As the season starts in January, I think I need to get good early results. That way, I can save my stamina mid-to-late days when I feel weak. I will try hard at major competitions, too.

Q: What is your goal that you want to achieve the most.

▶My goal is to advance to the final round for six consecutive years, and I want to surpass the best performance (2nd place in the Masters) in a major competition. I have never ranked in the top 10 except for the Masters, but I will try to get a better result this year. If you have to choose between winning an Olympic gold medal and a major, you will win a major.

Q: Out of the four majors this year, what do you want to win the most

▶ It’s the Masters. It’s always my favorite. When I go to the Augusta course, I feel different from other courses. My dream has been to participate in the Masters and wear a green jacket since I was young.

Q: If you were to predict the number of Korean players winning this year.

▶ Two or three wins? I hope I can be included among them.

  • Jon Rahm recently moved to LIV Golf. What do you think of LIV Golf.

▶I don’t care at all even if an offer comes. I want to play on the PGA Tour until the end.

  • There are also big events such as this year’s Olympics and Presidents Cup. What is your resolution on this.

▶If I can be selected as a representative of the Olympics, I want to participate. I went to the Asian Games, but the Olympics are different. I was so nervous from the first day of my competition that I had a hard time. This time, I think I can overcome such pressure and tension. I think the venue of the competition is similar to that of the U.S., so I think I will be able to get good results.

I played in the Presidents Cup twice, but I am always determined to win this time because I have only beaten the U.S. once. If I play this time, I want to win.

Q: How many domestic competitions are you planning to participate in.

▶It’s still hard to say for sure. I’m going to participate if I have a chance.

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