Kim Do Kyun-ho, who has been anchored in earnest, spurred the formation of players with “recruitment of storms.”

It is definitely a different off-season. The K-League 2 Seoul E-Land, which appointed Kim Do-kyun as its new coach, is accelerating its plan for this season by recruiting players amid storm.

E-Land appointed Kim Do-kyun, former coach of Suwon FC, ahead of the 2024 season. “We highly appreciated Kim’s aggressive soccer style and leadership that led the players. We judged him to be the right person to lead the team not only because he was promoted but also because he settled down in the K-League 1 in a stable manner,” the club said.랭크카지노

Kim is also standing in front of a new starting line. “I want to flog myself in a new environment and in a new atmosphere,” Kim said. He is building his team again based on his experience of promoting Suwon FC, then the K-League 2, to the top division in 2021.

In particular, the team focused on defense. Suwon FC suffered from chronic defense instability. It allowed 76 goals in 38 games last season. It is disgraceful that the team has lost the most goals in the K-League 1. The spear was sharp, but it failed to make it to the Final A (ranked first to sixth) due to defense instability.

Veteran defenders wear Seoul E-Land uniforms. Osmar, a veteran of FC Seoul who played in 344 games for nine years, has joined the team. Osmar is a defensive midfielder but can play as a center back. His cutting ability based on good physical conditions and competition for ball in the air are his strong points.

He is also close to recruiting Kim Oh-kyu, who has played for Jeju United since 2020. He is a 13-year veteran who joined the K-League in 2011. He is a tough and bold center back, adding weight to his defense lineup.

It did not stop there. It also recruited Peter who served as a youth team of La Masia of Barcelona (Spain) and Stoke City (England). After playing well in European leagues, he joined Chungcheongbuk-do Cheongju (seven goals and one assist) last season. In addition, Kim Young-wook, a midfielder with experience in promotion, was also brought. He joined Jeonnam Dragons in 2010 and helped Jeju in 2020 and Daejeon Hana Citizen in 2022 to advance to the K League 1.

E-Land, which was founded in 2014 but was far from promotion, is drawing a blueprint for promotion with Kim. E-Land will start its first off-season training in Bangkok, Thailand, from May 11.

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