Professional baseball history will change… Choi Jung, Son Ah-seop, Kang Min-ho, and Yang Hyun-jong’s challenge

SSG Landers Choi Jeong (37), NC Dinos Son Ah-seop (36), Samsung Lions’ Kang Min-ho (39) and KIA Tigers’ Yang Hyun-jong (36). The four of them have something in common that they are challenging to achieve a new record in 2024.헤라카지노

Having joined the SK Wyverns (now SSG) in 2005, Choi achieved double-digit home runs for 18 consecutive seasons from 2006 to last year. He has already sent 458 home runs off the fence. If Choi Jeong hits his 10th home run this season, it will have a special meaning. This is because he will surpass the number of home runs (467) that Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop has.

SSG Landers Choi Jung, who is approaching the record for the most home runs in his career. News 1
Choi always lowers his body, saying, “Even if I surpass manager Lee Seung-yeop’s record, I am actually in second place.” This is because manager Lee Seung-yeop has played in Japanese baseball for eight years. Lee hit 159 home runs in Japan, posting a total of 626 home runs in Korea and Japan.

However, Choi’s record should also be treated well. He has maintained his skills without any major injuries. He hit 29 home runs last year, showing off his slugging capability. What’s more amazing is that he still achieved the results while playing third base. “It’s an honor to be mentioned with manager Lee Seung-yeop in the home run category, but I can’t believe that we are close to setting the record for the most home runs. I’m curious how he would feel,” Choi said.

NC Dinos Son Ah-seop approaches the record for most hits in his career. Yonhap News
Son Ah-seop is a “teaching hitter” who represents the KBO league. He ranked fourth overall in batting average (0.322, 3,000 at-bats or more). As Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants) left for the U.S., he became the second most active player after his teammate Park Gun-woo (0.326). He also acquired the batting champion’s trophy 16 years after his debut in the last season. He suffered a slump in the 2022 season, but has re-established his batting form by gritting his teeth, thus opening a new heyday.

Son will reach another milestone. It is the most hits that commentator Park Yong-taek has. Park, who retired in 2020, had 2,504 hits in total. Son had 2,416 hits until last year. If he adds 89 more hits, he will surpass Park. If he continues the momentum of last season, chances are high that he will achieve it before summer. “It is a great motivation,” Son said himself.

Park also holds another record. It is the largest number ever to be a player. She has played in a total of 2,237 matches, including the 2022 retirement match, which she played two years after her retirement. Chances are high that she will meet a new star this year, too. Kang, who played in 2,233 matches until last year, is thriving. If she plays five more matches, she will become the most participating player.

Kang played in three games in 2004 when he was a high school graduate, and since then, he has played more than 100 games every year except in 2014 (98 games). Kang is a catcher with heavy physical burden. It is all the more meaningful because he plays in more than 2,000 games as a catcher. As he gets older, the number of games he plays as designated hitters or substitutes has increased. Still, he is wearing a catcher mask. He played in 125 of 144 games last year, and played as a catcher in 101 games among them. The main catcher of Samsung is Kang again this year.

KIA Tigers’ Yang Hyun-jong challenges to become the No. 1 strikeout in his career. Yonhap News
Most of the records among professional baseball pitchers are held by Song Jin-woo. He has long maintained the No. 1 ranking in wins (210), the most innings (3003), and strikeouts (2048). However, Yang is likely to sit atop the strikeout throne anew. Yang, who had 1947 strikeouts until last year, will surpass Song if he adds 102 more.

Yang, who continued to win double-digit games for eight consecutive years, finished the season with nine wins and 11 losses last year. He suffered a severe slump in the early second half of the season. However, he showed signs of recovery at the end of the season, lowering his ERA to 3.58. He is expected to rank No. 1 in overall strikeouts.

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