Jeonbuk, which has been properly hired by ‘Top MF’ Lee Young-jae for ‘Kang Sang-yoon + Cash’Article input 2024.01.04. 05:10 AM

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which seeks to recover its pride, is continuing its wide-ranging move. It even has a “luxury midfielder” Lee Young-jae.마카오토토

An official familiar with the K-League transfer market said, “Jeonbuk has concluded negotiations with Lee Young-jae. It has even completed a medical test. An announcement will be made soon.” Jeonbuk will pay Kang Sang-yoon and Suwon FC the transfer fee as a condition of bringing in Lee Young-jae. Kang will join Suwon FC on loan. Jeonbuk succeeded in recruiting Lee Young-jae, adding more weight to its midfield.

Lee Young-jae was one of the biggest fish in the transfer market this winter. Lee Young-jae, who was discharged from the military service in Sangmu this season, was the biggest contributor to Lee’s remaining at Suwon FC. Wearing the captain’s armband, Lee kept scoring attack points at important moments. Lee Young-jae also scored a goal in the second playoff game against Busan I’Park, which led to overtime play. Suwon FC scored consecutive goals in overtime based on this goal, and successfully made a dramatic comeback.

Lee Young-jae is a top midfielder in the league. Lee Young-jae, who entered the K-League as a rookie free agent in 2015, played for Busan I-Park, Gyeongnam FC, and Gangwon FC. Lee Young-jae, who was recognized for his potential but was not in full bloom, exploded his potential in Gangwon in 2019 and even made the A-team appearance. After moving to Suwon FC, where he was promoted in 2021, Lee finally revealed his true value and grew into a league-class midfielder. Lee Young-jae played nine seasons in the K-League, including Kim Cheon-sang, and has played in 224 games, scored 27 goals and 36 assists. Lee, who has excellent left foot, is said to have excellent kicking ability, good sense of technique, and vision.

A love call continued for Lee Young-jae, who successfully completed his mission to remain in Suwon FC. Ulsan, his former team, and Jeju United, looking for a central midfielder, showed interest. Among them, Jeonbuk was the most active. Dan Petrescu, who was looking for a player to release the game in the center, pointed out Lee Young-jae. Just in time, Suwon FC’s new coach Kim Eun-joong wanted to recruit Kang Sang-yoon with him at the U-20 World Cup, and the door to negotiations opened. Initially, Suwon FC wanted to recruit completely, but the lease was set. The transfer fee also came out to a satisfactory level for Suwon FC. The annual salary negotiations for Kang Sang-yoon, who suffered last-minute pain, were concluded, and Lee Young-jae’s trip to Jeonbuk was confirmed.

With the addition of Lee Young-jae, Jeonbuk’s midfield has definitely been upgraded. Baek Seung-ho struggled, but Jeonbuk had difficulty solving the attack due to the lack of creative passes in the midfield. Lee Young-jae is a player who is good at killing pass with tempo.

Jeonbuk, which became a no-goal player for the first time since 2014, seems to have cut its sword properly this winter. For now, the recruitment of Thiago, a “special goal scorer” who scored 17 goals last season, and Lee Jae-ik, a “left-footed centerback” who is your precious, have been officially confirmed. Although the announcement has yet to be made, Kwon Chang-hoon, a “national university graduate,” and Jeon Byung-kwan, a “young striker,” are also on the verge of being recruited. After confirming the recruitment of Lee Young-jae, the team plans to add foreign players as well.

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