Samsung’s longest-serving foreign pitcher will break up like this… I miss a good sale while waiting for a call from the player

We couldn’t wait forever. It seems like the Samsung Lions could break up with David Buchanan, 35, a long-lived foreign pitcher. We could wait forever and miss out on other good players.

Samsung signed a $1 million contract with foreign hitter David McKinnon and a $1 million contract with right-handed pitcher Connor Seabold before the end of the year 2023. With the decision to replace the other two players except Buchanan early on, it recruited players it had been watching. Unlike the new players, Buchanan was in desperate need of renewing his contract as the so-called “paying player.”

However, the negotiations were prolonged. Samsung, which still needed Buchanan, tried to meet the player’s requirements as much as possible. Samsung, which already paid McKinnon and Seabold $2 million, can offer Buchanan up to $2.4 million because of the salary cap limit for foreign players. Buchanan, however, was not satisfied with Samsung’s offer. He wanted more, as well as a multi-year contract. In that case, Buchanan can sign contracts up to $4.9 million, which adversely affects other foreign players’ contracts. This is why it is difficult for Samsung to offer Buchanan satisfactory conditions.

A tense tug-of-war continued between the Samsung club and Buchanan, and news of his contract renewal was not heard until the new year. Buchanan, who entered the KBO League ahead of the 2020 season, was a difficult player in the process of signing a contract, but his contract renewal did not exceed the year. Samsung couldn’t wait forever, either. It has been in contact with other foreign pitchers in case Buchanan’s contract renewal fails.헤라카지노

A Samsung source told Spotify News on Wednesday that the team already made a final offer to Buchanan. We are waiting, but have not heard from the players yet. We are implementing a two-track strategy considering recruiting new pitchers. We cannot wait until long,” he said, adding that he is considering recruiting other players while leaving open the possibility of reaching a dramatic agreement with Buchanan.

In fact, Buchanan’s renewal of his contract was the best scenario. This is because Buchanan has played well enough over the past four years. Buchanan played in 27 games, 174 ⅔s, and had a splendid KBO League debut season with 15 wins, 7 losses and an ERA of 3.45.

Buchanan continued his performance in 2021. Buchanan pitched 177 innings in 30 games. He performed as an ace with 16 wins, 5 losses and a 3.10 ERA. Thanks to Buchanan’s performance, Samsung had 76 wins, 9 draws and 59 losses during the regular season and played its first tiebreaker ever. Although he ended the regular season in second place due to a loss to KT, and was hit by the Doosan Bears in the playoffs, Buchananan continued his company with Samsung.

The year 2022 was a bit disappointing. With more than 15 wins in two consecutive seasons, Samsung had high expectations. Buchanan pitched 160 innings in 26 games and recorded 11 wins, eight losses and a 3.04 ERA. His ERA hit a career high, but he only played in the fewest games and played the fewest innings since entering the KBO League.

Buchanan has bounced back in the 2023 season. He was responsible for 188 innings in 30 games. He had 12 wins, eight losses and a 2.54 ERA. He has achieved 21 quality starts (he pitched six innings with three earned runs or less). Buchanan was the best player, ranking third in multiple wins, second in most innings, and tied for second in most quality starts.

Buchanan was not only good at performance but also had excellent personality. Buchanan, who is a cheerful person, faithfully played the role of dugout leader. He also served as a model for the national team through thorough self-management. His fan service was outstanding as well.

However, his chances of joining Buchanan in 2024 are getting slimmer. Buchanan was the longest-serving foreign pitcher in the history of the Samsung franchise. However, he has failed to narrow differences of opinion during the contract process and is on the verge of breaking up.

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