“Do you know the replacement of pitchers?” Coach Lee Ho-joon asked for a QC coach first after the interview. “I wanted to work in other fields as well.”

Quality Control Coach. It’s unfamiliar. LG Twins batting coach Lee Ho-joon took on a new position as a quality control coach in the 2024 season. Mo Chang-min, the batting assistant coach, was promoted to the batting coach, and Choi Seung-joon, the assistant coach, newly joined.

QC coaches are said to look not only at batting, but also at pitchers, basemen, and defense. Sometimes there were clubs with QC coaches, but they did not last long. In the KBO League, where the fields were clearly divided, there was no place for QC coaches.헤라카지노

However, coach Lee Ho-joon asked his club and coach Yeom Kyung-yeop first, according to the QC team. As everyone knows, Lee was known as a candidate for the SSG Landers coach during the Korean Series last year, and he actually had an interview with the coach after the Korean Series was over. After the interview, Lee said, “I had this feeling. It is difficult to know just one field.

“Everyone would know that I had an interview as a candidate for the coach,” Lee said. “If I coach in one position, I can only answer a third of the questions in the coach interview. The rest of them are answered in imagination. They are things I have never experienced. I can never answer that. I think I will say nonsense.” “I have to experience to be able to deliver my words accurately, and even if I become a coach, I think I can keep my words,” Lee said about his experience at the coach interview.

“People around me said, ‘Do you know when to replace a pitcher?’ and ‘Do you know when to replace a pitcher?'” Coach Lee said. “Don’t you think that strategy and defense coaches have a wide range of skills? I want to experience a lot over there. When I’m ready, I think I can go to the position (interview with the manager) and keep my word.”

He said he changed his mind about the coach before and after the interview. “I used to think that the coaches would take care of themselves, but now I think the coach should know to some extent. You have to be prepared with a little experience,” Lee said. “That’s why QC is such a position. That’s why I asked the club to do it.”

He said he had an idea about other areas besides batting coaching. “When I quit as a member of the NC team, I tried not to be a batting coach. I wanted to be a coach in other areas such as strategy, defense, and first base coach,” Lee said. “During the last season, I told Yeom, ‘I want to be a strategy coach,’ and he said no. I told him I just couldn’t steal a lot because of my slow legs, but I also ran as a runner. I told him seriously, but he said no.”

“I checked what QC coaches do in the Major League, and their positions vary. I’m going to try by compressing them into three,” coach Lee said. “That doesn’t mean I’m giving orders to each field, but it’s a role that I see from behind. And I’m going to act as a bridge between the staff and the staff.” That doesn’t mean that the coach will completely hurt them. “The coach and the coach allowed QC to be assigned and the condition was that they would take 50% of the batting,” coach Lee said. “I think I’ll be in charge of nurturing them. In particular, I think I’ll continue to raise my friends who haven’t worked well for a year.”

He has a great sense of responsibility. “I made this place because I asked him to do so. I chose a new coach because of me,” Lee said. “I will do my best to make the result. I will make LG’s own QC coach so that the QC coach can continue next time.”

Lee was a promising pitcher when he joined the Haitai Tigers. He turned into a batter a year later and became a legendary batter, so many people do not know he was a pitcher.

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