The biggest long-range home run in the history of “154m”, Ohtani, the most likely candidate to break this year… Is Coors Field the land of opportunity?

He became the biggest star in the Major League with his “two-ga” career, but he is planning to start as a batter in 2024. Talking about Shohei Ohtani who became the LA Dodgers man, will he be able to break the Major League home run distance record. examined the record it hopes will be broken in the new season of 2024 on the 5th (Korea time). Among them, 505 feet (about 154 meters) was the furthest home run in the “Statcast” era, and Otagi expected to break this record.랭크카지노

Ohtani left for the Dodgers as a free agent after the 2023 season. He signed a 10-year, 700 million-dollar mega contract. He was recognized as a pitcher and batter in the Major League.

In particular, he became the homerun king as a batter, leading to his second unanimous MVP award. Ohtani debuted in the Major League in 2018 as a pitcher with 86 games 38 wins, 19 losses and an ERA of 3.01 and a batter’s 716 games with a batting average of 274 with 171 homers and 437 RBIs.922.

In 2021, he played 158 games as a batter, recording a batting average of 257 with 46 homers and 100 RBIs. Last year, he underwent surgery on his right elbow in September, and he failed to complete the season as a pitcher. Nevertheless, he recorded a batting average of .654 with a batting average of 344 with 44 homers and 95 RBIs in 135 games.

Otani also had a considerable driving distance for home runs. reported that Otani recorded the longest driving distance of 493 feet (150 meters) in 2023. “He will play the designated hitter full-time in 2024 due to his rehabilitation,” adding that as he is in the National League West, he will have seven opportunities at Coors Field.

Coors Field rarely exceeds 500 feet, reported. “Coors Field is a little different. In 2016, slugger Giancarlo Stanton hit 504 feet. In 2022, CJ Cron hit 504 feet (about 153 meters) at Coors Field.”

Coors Field, located at 1,600 meters above sea level, is a burdensome place for pitchers. It is well known that flying distance can increase by about 10 percent. Ohtani, who has the longest driving distance for home runs in 2023, will visit such a stadium. Will Ohtani be able to break his 505 feet record.

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