Finding new faces on the mound in the new year, and LG’s bullpen always goes to a must-win group

Not everything can go according to plan. But nothing is vaguely done without a plan. So, I make plans in various fields. If you succeed more than half of your plans, you can achieve your goals.

Such was the case with LG in 2023. Before the camp, they planned to expand the must-win group. Pitchers accounted for a large portion of the camp list, and as a result, Baek Seung-hyun, Yoo Young-chan, and Park Myung-geun took off. The previously strong bullpen was filled with pitch-type pitchers, forming a heavier all-out must-win group.헤라카지노

Fostering new fielders and starters did not go as planned, but the team has maximized its strengths. During the season, the team discovered its flagship second baseman and escaped the long-awaited brutal history of foreign fielders. As a result, the team achieved the much-awaited unified victory.

The team also has the same goal in 2024. It is an unprecedented championship in the team’s history. To that end, we have come up with a plan again. This time, we will fill up the bullpen as a team that needs to win.

It is an inevitable task. The biggest fragment came out of the bullpen. Closer Ko Woo-suk signed a contract with Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres. Jung Woo-young will also leave early in the season due to elbow bone fragment surgery. He has to prepare for the opening of the 2024 season without two pitchers who played key roles in advancing to the postseason for five consecutive years.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop mentioned five new faces in the bullpen. After the New Year’s Day ceremony on the 5th, he mentioned Kim Yoo-young, Lee Sang-young, Yoon Ho-sol, Kim Dae-hyun, and Sung Dong-hyun as new pitchers to be placed in the bullpen. “Our goal this year is to create two of them,” manager Yeom said. “We need to raise them to the level of Baek Seung-hyun, Yoo Young-chan, and Park Myung-geun last year, not just to make them. We will try to make that happen.”

They all share the common ground: ball power. They are top-ranked players. From Kim Yoo-young who joined the pro league in 2014 as the first player to Lee Sang-young (2019 second round), Yoon Ho-sol (2013 NC preferred), Kim Dae-hyun (2016 first round), and Sung Dong-hyun (2018 second round) were promising players who boasted high-quality ball power from the time they first joined the pro league.

Although each has different years of experience and experience in the primary league, he has not been able to consistently play in the primary league. As all five players have strong potential, if only two out of the five players come up as manager Yeom wishes, he will achieve a quality bullpen again.

He still has tasks to select a native starter as well. Lim Chan-kyu, Choi Won-tae, and Kim Yoon-sik drew a framework for the five starters on Detrick N.S. and Casey Kelly’s one-two punch. However, there is no case for Kim to complete a season with five starters. Kim Yoon-sik needs to prove his durability, and he will also come up with a backup plan.

“First of all, I really hope that Son will grow well as a starting pitcher. I hope that Lee Ji-gang and Kang Hyo-jong will come up next. I gained experience last year and didn’t have much success right away, but I think I had experience for growth,” Yeom said. “I hope that Son will continue to grow rather than expecting that he will be able to establish himself soon. Even if he fails to fully establish himself this year, he will have another chance next year if he grows up. Then our starting depth will become stronger. I will take steps to ensure that we have resources for the fifth and sixth starters.”

As the name of the season’s plan is included, most of them are expected to participate in the spring camp. In the case of Son, he participated in the Arizona camp even though he was undergoing rehabilitation a year ago. He went through rehabilitation process at the same place as the main players preparing for the season. At the end of the season and during the preparation period for the Korean Series, he showed off his strong pitching and proved that his investment was right.

A strong mound guarantees the top rank. This is especially true of LG, which uses pitcher-friendly Jamsil Stadium as its home base and has strong defense. If LG wants to maintain its No. 1 ERA for three consecutive years starting from the 2021 season, it needs a new face on the mound again this time

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