“I came out to exercise and luckily…” GWS met Ilwoo-wan worth 142.1 billion won, and that’s how it became known

It was urgent for Ko Woo-suk (26, San Diego Padres) to advance to the Major League. In Korea, foreign media had access to San Diego’s interest one or two days before the deadline for posting. However, the contract was not finalized. As he signed his autograph after passing the medical test, he said there are only seven minutes left until the posting deadline.랭크카지노

Still, Ko could not give up exercising. While visiting Petco Park, he took time to do personal training. However, Ko recalls that when he went to the ground, Yu Darvish, 38, was there. “I talked about my old age and heard things that helped me adjust,” he said at Incheon International Airport on the 6th.

Ko described the whole process as “dazed.” Furthermore, it must have felt strange to meet Darvish. “I came out to exercise and met him luckily and took pictures,” he said. From this year on, Ko should protect Darvish’s victory.

In fact, Ko Woo-suk has the effect of making his name known. Already, fans in the U.S. interpret Ko’s English name “GO, Woo Suk” as “Let’s Go, World Series.” It is because when the initials W and S of Ko’s first name are combined, it becomes “GO WS.” When a player wears a national team uniform, it is marked like that on the back.

Ko Woo-suk said, “I don’t feel bad. I think you made my name right. Thank you for making my name.” San Diego declared a fake cut due to financial difficulties, but there is no law that it can’t make it to the World Series. It is a legitimate right for fans to have hope in the off-season.

Ko is trying to make his dream come true in San Diego. He said, “This is my first time to go to San Diego. I looked forward to it a lot, but the weather was so nice. The scenery was beautiful.” After returning to Korea, Ko will enter San Diego again in March.
Article courtesy of My Daily

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