“Why did you leave Lotte and go to NC?” … Son Ah-seop, the FA behind-the-scenes that he just revealed

Son appeared in the section of “Baseball Piggyback Lee Dae-ho” on the recently retired “Legend” Lee Dae-ho’s YouTube channel. “I thought you and (Kang) Min-ho would stay with Lotte forever, but I went to NC as an FA. Why did you choose NC?” Lee asked Son Ah-seop.

Son Ah-seop, who became an FA after the 2021 season, transferred from Lotte to NC for a total of 6.4 billion won with a four-year contract of 2.6 billion won, an annual salary of 3 billion won, and an incentive of 800 million won. His first year performance in the transfer was below his expectations with 152 hits, 4 homers, 48 RBIs, 72 runs, and a batting average of 0.277. However, Son Ah-seop became the first batting champion since his professional debut in the 2023 season, recording 187 hits, 5 homers, 65 RBIs, 97 runs, and a batting average of 0.339 in 140 games.헤라카지노

In response to Lee Dae-ho’s question, Son Ah-seop said, “There is no need to lie,” and then honestly said, “Firstly, the difference in amount was too big.” Son Ah-seop added, “Of course, the annual salary is not everything, but for a professional baseball player, that salary is ultimately the player’s value.”

“Secondly, the team was trying to rebuild at that time, so I thought, ‘My place will be narrowed.’ I’m actually a player who aims to play all the games every year and I feel happy about playing, but I had anxiety that if I did something wrong, the number of games would decrease and that I might get caught in a platoon,” he said.

“Of course, we can’t rule out financial matters at all, but what was bigger than that was that I thought a lot about where I could play happily. In fact, he had a very high batting average against left-handed pitchers. Nevertheless, I remember missing out when a left-handed pitcher was appointed. I think that was big. I wanted to play as many games as possible,” Son added.

When Son said, “That’s right. The first thing I want is a team that can trust me and let me play the game.” The mood was like that back then. There were a lot of people who said, “I want to raise them or change them,” and he defended me by saying, “If it was Aseob, I should have gone.”

“I’m a big Lotte fan and a Lotte player, but I’m not taking sides. Considering the true value, he’s the player who worked really hard and prepared to play in all 144 games among the juniors I’ve seen at Lotte. If he thought he wouldn’t be able to play at the time of the contract, I think he must have thought right,” Lee said.

“Players shine when they are on the ground in the end. Eventually, I wanted to wear a uniform and play all the games on the ground. But at that time, I chose a team that could not open 100 percent but could play more games. I am a team that can play as much as I want,” Son said.

Asked what Lotte means to Son, Son said, “For now, it’s my hometown. I’ve never left Busan for 35 years. When I was a student, even kindergarten came from Busan. My parents’ hometown is the same now. In two words, it’s my hometown.”

When Lee made a joke provocation that he had abandoned his hometown, Son said he had moved and corrected himself by saying, “People move in different situations. They have been abandoned.” However, Chung Hoon and Lee Dae-ho, who were next to him, responded by saying, “It’s right to throw it away.”

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