A small but big miracle made by Daegu High School candidate

Daegu High School outfielder Lee Chan was not a player who received much attention when he was in middle and high school. Technically, he was a player who did not have presence at all. He played sometimes with runners and big expenses, but he had only two strikeouts from five at-bats for more than two years until the beginning of last season when he became a senior in high school. Since he failed to record any hits, his batting average was 0.00 in general.헤라카지노주소

Daegu High School, which was aiming to be undefeated in the final of the Phoenix, clashed with North Chungcheong Province’s strongman Se Sang-go, who is seeking his first championship of the tournament, at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on September 9. Lee Chan, who started the day, gave Daegu High School the fourth Green Phoenix with a so-called “Frog Squeeze Bunt” in the bottom of the 10th inning, when the game was tied 2-2 and the game was extended.

To Lee, last year’s Phoenix Reclaimer served as an opportunity to reignite the flame that had been dying out as a baseball player. Of his 17 hits in high school, he recorded 10 hits at the season’s last competition, and won the individual title of Team Winner and Honorable Player Award.

At that time, Lee Chan’s finishing squeeze bunt came out with one out and the bases loaded with one out and no ball two strikes. “When I was at the batter’s box, I was told by Coach Son Kyung-ho to prepare my mind as the squeeze bunt was signed,” Lee Chan said, recalling the situation at the time, “However, the squeeze bunt came out in a ball count of 0-2 and the third base coach and the bench coach alternately checked the signature.”

Lee Chan said, “For a moment, I thought, ‘Why are you doing this to me? If I don’t make it here, I might have to walk to Daegu alone,'” adding, “When the bunt was successful, I thought, ‘Now I lived,’ rather than the emotion of winning.”

Lee Chan, who said baseball was a form of love and hatred, confessed, “Loving baseball and being good at it seem to be quite different. I liked it so much, but I wanted to quit because I couldn’t play the game. However, I couldn’t get away with the charm of baseball, which is the occasional player, the big fee, and the instantaneous taste of baseball.”

Lee Chan, who is 167 centimeters tall and short as an athlete, said, “I’ve never even heard from people around me to try that common paid job, and when I was in my second year of high school, I was even advised by my senior who was worried about me to consider transferring to a school where I could play.” “However, the definition of success may vary slightly from person to person, but wouldn’t it be a successful life if you could do what you like and give joy to people around you? I have no regrets about starting baseball.”

Lee Chan’s future dream is to become a student leader. “Leaders who have no experience as candidates may not be fully aware of their pain and suffering. There are more candidates than key players in any event, and I think they also have a strong love for the sport and a desire to play in the game. I want to become leaders who grow together understand their feelings,” Lee said.

Lee has been preparing to join the military since he felt that it would be difficult to join a professional team or a university. However, Lee had good news late last year. He had received a letter of acceptance from Dong-A University in Busan, a strong team in college baseball.

“I decided that it would be difficult to join a professional team or a four-year university, so I planned to start a leadership class after solving the military service first,” Lee Chan said. “However, I received a letter of acceptance from Dong-A University in Busan. I was able to systematically prepare for a leader in a strong baseball team in Busan,” Lee said, giving a thumbs-up, “The Phoenix flag is an unforgettable competition that changed my life.”

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