“LAD also aims for 165km daily fireballers”, Ohtani-Yamamoto-Sasaki’s “Dream Triangle”… Does this make sense?

Chiba Lotte Marines Sasaki Loki, considered the best fastball pitcher in the history of the Japanese professional baseball (NPB), drew keen attention not only from the NPB but also from the Major League when he asked the club to post in the Major League after the end of last season.랭크카지노

As a result, Sasaki will not move to the U.S. this offseason as he passes the deadline for posting applications on December 16 (hereinafter referred to as Korean time). However, if he requests posting again in the next offseason, that is, in November, Chiba Lotte could seriously consider approving it.

The LA Times reported in November last year that Shohei Otani had the option to leave for the Major League whenever he wanted in his contract with the Nippon-Ham Fighters. Sasaki is believed to have included the same clause in his contract with Chiba Lotte. In other words, Sasaki could not have asked for posting without any grounds, and Chiba Lotte could not have just opposed it.

Regardless of Chiba Lotte’s position, Sasaki’s willingness to advance to the Major League is seen as firm. The important thing is when he knocks on the door of the Major League.

This is because, according to the U.S.-Japan player contract agreement, whether he or she has turned 25 as of the time of posting has an absolute impact on negotiations. If a player under the age of 25 wants to enter the Major League, he or she must sign a minor league contract under the status of an “international amateur.” In other words, they will receive a down payment within the international sinning bonus pool set for each club, and their Major League status cannot be guaranteed.

This is the rule that applied when Ohtani signed with the Los Angeles Angels through posting in December 2017. Ohtani, who was 23 at the time, joined the club for $2.3 million in sinning bonus and only acquired the free agent status this time after six seasons with the Angels.

After the age of 25, Sasaki will be recognized as an international FA and can freely sign contracts. Sasaki was born on November 3, 2001. In other words, only after the 2026 season is over will he become an international FA, which is applied to people aged 25 and over. He will have to play for Chiba Lotte for the next three seasons to be able to cross the Pacific Ocean for a “big deal.”

However, Sasaki does not seem to have much interest in the money he is paid when entering the big league like Ohtani. His goal can be to take the mound as soon as possible in the Major League. This issue remains to be seen over time. This is because there is a time when Sasaki’s thoughts and Chiba Lotte’s position will be clearly sorted out.

However, experts point out that Sasaki has never had a full-time season with the NPB yet. Throwing a fast ball up to 165 kilometers does not mean everything is going well. The true value is recognized only when durability that can withstand a long period of time and physical strength that can reduce the risk of injury are verified.

If Sasaki continues to play the full-time season for three consecutive years from this year to 2026, how much money can he expect to receive the Sawamura Award? Considering that Yoshinobu Yamamoto wore the LA Dodgers uniform in conditions beyond his imagination this winter, Sasaki’s ransom can be roughly estimated. Now, it can be said that the perception that the NPB is normal even in the Major League has spread widely.

Then, which team can Sasaki be picked? The most likely candidate is the Dodgers. Some predict that the Dodgers, which has successfully embraced Ohtani and Yamamoto one after another, will most aggressively attack Sasaki when the posting is disclosed.

“Yakyu Cosmopolitan,” which delivers news of Japanese professional baseball in English through YouTube, said on the 6th, “I heard that the LA Dodgers will strongly seek to recruit Sasaki if he is posted,” adding, “The Dodgers have been observing Sasaki since high school, and the Dodgers, who sent scouts to Japan to see Yamamoto, have been monitoring Sasaki, who entered the NPB.”

The timing of Sasaki’s posting announcement could be at the end of this year, or next year or two years later. The Dodgers expect Sasaki to knock on the door of the Major League after the 25-year-old season. If Sasaki had decided that the posting would be announced later this year, it would not have signed a 12-year long-term contract with Yamamoto this offseason.

If Sasaki joins the rotation in the near future, the Dodgers could operate the Japanese Ace Triangle, which runs from Otani to Yamamoto to Sasaki, for nearly a decade. It remains to be seen whether Sasaki’s future career path and the Dodgers’ movement are related.

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