Cho Kyu-sung, the “one-top of buoyancy,” tries to become the Asian Cup’s top scorer for the first time in 13 years since Koo Ja-cheol

Cho Kyu-sung (26), who is gaining experience in Mit Whelan, Denmark’s Super League, will challenge to become the top scorer at the 2024 AFC (Asian Football Federation) Qatar Asian Cup, which opens on the 13th (Korea Standard Time). It is expected that he will stand at the forefront of the Korean national team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann and serve as a troubleshooter.마카오토토

Cho Kyu-sung is currently considered the “one-top of buoyancy” in the Klinsmann team. He became the main player of Bento’s team at the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, and has since established himself as the one-top option. Senior Hwang Ui-jo has been excluded from the list for this Asian Cup due to privacy concerns, strengthening his position.

He is also expected to play as a mainstay in the Asian Cup finals. He has more experience and skills than his junior Oh Hyun-kyu. He needs to work well with Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan and Lee Kang-in to raise expectations even higher. As the first and second rounds of Group E will be played against Middle Eastern teams Bahrain and Jordan, there is no time to rest. Cho Kyu-sung is likely to be at the forefront of the first group match and hunt for goals.

So far, five Koreans have become the top scorer at the Asian Cup. Cho Yoon-ok (four goals) became the top scorer for the first time at the 1960 event, and Choi Soon-ho scored seven goals at the 1980 event. At the 1988 event, Lee Tae-ho won the top scorer title with three goals, and at the 2000 event, Lee Dong-guk was ranked No. 1 with six goals. And at the 2011 event, Koo Ja-cheol won the golden boot with five goals. 

◆ Korea’s All-Time Scoring Top Player of the Asian Cup
In 1960, Cho Yoon-ok scored four goals
Choi Soon-ho scored seven goals in 1980
1988 Lee Tae-ho scored three goals
Lee Dong-gook scored six goals in 2000
Koo Ja-cheol scored five goals in 2011

Cho has scored eight goals in 31 A matches so far. He scored multiple goals in the second Group H match against Ghana (Korea lost 2-3) in Group H of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. He is the first Korean to score multiple goals in a World Cup finals. Since then, he has emerged as the mainstay of the Korean national team and is making strides in the European leagues. He is also drawing attention as a front-line striker who is a candidate for the top scorer at the upcoming Asian Cup.

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