I went all the way to the final competition… Bitter SF, rejected by 3 Japanese players

The San Francisco Giants of the Major League Baseball (MLB) have failed again to recruit Japanese players. All three of them, including Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (L.A. Dodgers), and Shota Imanaga, who are planning to join the Chicago Cubs, have rejected the offer.

San Francisco has prepared huge amounts of money and sought to recruit a large free agent, but has repeatedly wasted no time. The biggest recruitment is a six-year contract with Lee Jung-hoo, the best hitter in the KBO League, for a total of $113 million.랭크카지노

The prestigious San Francisco Giants, which has won the World Series eight times in total, is one of the teams to pay attention to in the Stove League. After advancing to the postseason just once in 2021 for the seven seasons since 2017, the team has taken a massive step up efforts to strengthen its power. The team also had strong aspiration to become a superstar, which has lost its reputation since Buster’s position.

Just in time, there were many sales in the FA market to quench San Francisco’s thirst, and all targets were Asian players, including Lee Jung-hoo.

The first player San Francisco expressed interest in was Ohtani, a major league superstar and FA No.

The battle for Ohtani became fiercer, and the bargaining chip exceeded expectations that it would sign a contract worth more than 500 million dollars. Few teams could invest a lot of money in a single player. One by one, San Francisco Giants had fierce competition with Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays, and Los Angeles Angels.

However, San Francisco failed to become the winner in the competition to recruit Ohtani. Ohtani joined the Dodgers with a 10-year contract term, the highest treatment in the history of professional sports in North America, worth 700 million U.S. dollars. San Francisco also proposed a contract similar to the size of the contract with the Dodgers, but failed to catch Ohtani, who has high aspiration to win the World Series.

Having tasted bitterness, the San Francisco Giants set out to strengthen its next goal. It tried to recruit an ace who is more certain than a mid-level starting pitcher, and contacted Yamamoto, who is ranked first in the FA rankings.

Yamamoto did not throw a single ball in the Major League, but he was a pitcher who won four gold medals in Japanese professional baseball for the third consecutive year and proved his international competitiveness through the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Competition to recruit the best pitcher was also fierce. San Francisco Giants competed with Dodgers, New York Yankees, and New York Mets, but had no profit again this time.

The Dodgers acquired Yamamoto with a 12-year contract term of 325 million U.S. dollars as pitcher in the history of the Major League. Ohtani also played a critical role in Yamamoto’s recruitment. San Francisco prepared a proposal that would keep up with the Dodgers, but it was empty-handed. There was no superstar like Ohtani who could shake Yamamoto’s heart.

San Francisco, which did not have much fun in the FA market, traded with the Seattle Mariners and successfully recruited Robbie Ray, the winner of the 2021 American League Cy Young Award. However, it was virtually difficult for Ray to take the mound in the first half of the year due to the aftermath of elbow surgery, and San Francisco still had a strong thirst for a starting pitcher.

San Francisco is lower than Yamamoto, but Imana, who has outstanding skills in the Japanese professional baseball and the Japanese national baseball team, has jumped into the race.

This time, San Francisco seemed to be the winner. MLB.COM reported on the 9th (Korea time) that Yamamoto is the most advanced team in the race, saying, “Everything points to San Francisco.”

However, only a day later, the situation turned around, and Imana chose the Cubs rather than San Francisco.

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