Allegations of receiving money and valuables for ‘joining a professional’ as an independent team director A, the professional team said, “It has nothing to do with it.”

An executive of an independent baseball team in Gyeonggi-do Province is suspected of receiving large amounts of money and valuables under the bait of joining a KBO league team.

According to an SBS report on the 11th, B, a director of an independent baseball team in Gyeonggi Province, has reportedly taken bribes under the pretext of joining a professional league. In particular, B reportedly expressed his friendship with the manager of a specific professional baseball team and said he would let him join a professional league as a nurturing player.헤라카지노

According to the report, Director B asked Player C for money in the name of money to give to other officials of the club and golf expenses with the manager, and reportedly received a total of 65 million won.

Director B admitted, “I lied to player C,” and insisted, “The money I received was spent on the club’s operating expenses.”

An official from the Gyeonggi-do Baseball Association said in a phone call with MHN Sports on the 11th, “Player C reported the details to the KBO Clean Baseball Center and the association,” adding, “The association also plans to thoroughly investigate and deal with the above issues.”

An official of the professional club, whom Director B pointed out by showing off his friendship, said in a phone call with this newspaper on the evening of the 10th, “Our club has clarified that it is ‘not related at all’ to the KBO Clean Baseball Center.”

Meanwhile, the police will summon and investigate the independent team B director on charges of fraud.

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