“Let’s buy Osimhen, not Mbappe, which demands a huge bonus.” Mbappe, which is also reluctant inside Real Madrid, is moving

Kylian Mbappe has completed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and has all the stops to go to Real Madrid, but it is reported that Real is skeptical about signing Mbappe this time.

Mbappe’s journey, which has been drawing attention for several years, is expected to be decided at last this summer. In particular, Mbappe, who had one year left on his contract with Paris Saint-Germain last summer, refused to renew his contract and invoke any extension clause, causing a stir. It has become more likely that he will play for PSG until this summer and receive bonuses stipulated in the contract, fulfill all of his contracts to acquire free agency status, and move to a new team without transfer fees. The furious PSG was scrambling to dispose of Mbappe right away, but ended up covering up being just a stopgap measure. As there was no news of his renewal of his contract, rumors of a transfer related to Mbappe surfaced every day. Chairman Nasser Al-Kelaifi himself tried to extinguish the fire, saying, “I have a promise with me,” but the fire continued to spread.라바카지노

If the current situation continues, Real Madrid will have a “jackpot chance” to recruit Mbappe this summer without transfer fee. Mbappe has long dreamed of going to Real Madrid and reportedly wants to follow Cristiano Ronaldo, his idol and a similar style of play. There have been reports that Real Madrid has been saving money for years to revive its Galactico recruitment policy, which seeks to recruit the next-generation best star, from Mbappe recruitment.

The Football Transfer, however, reported that there has been a growing opposition within Real Madrid to Mbappe. According to internal sources, “Real insiders believe Napoli striker Victor Osimhen will be more helpful to the team’s power.”

The first reason is that the player that Real currently needs is a typical striker. Real has already grown Vinicius Junior, who was recruited as a prospect, into a world-class player. Vinicius’ position is the left winger. It overlaps with Mbappe. After Vinicius entered the World Class, the issue of coexistence of the two players is often raised whenever there is a rumor of Mbappe being recruited.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, has no reliable striker since Karim Benzema left the club last summer. Carlo Ancelotti, the head coach, showed off his unique insight and devised a tactic that eliminates the need for a professional striker, while midfielder Jude Bellingham is leading the Spanish La Liga in scoring with more destructive power than expected. However, in the long run, recruiting a striker is a must.

In addition, Mbappe is a player who has to be prepared for more than the transfer fee even though he is a FA. The clever Mbappe will reportedly receive maximum salaries, including annual salaries and bonuses, from PSG, and then demand huge bonuses and salaries for joining the club from Real Madrid as well, citing that he is a FA. Mbappe now pays more than a player’s combined transfer fee and annual salary. Real Madrid is not happy with the deal. Some predict that Osimhen, whose transfer fee alone will exceed 100 million euros, will be cheaper.

In the end, there is a growing view that it is impossible to spend too much on positions that are not necessary only by looking at Mbappe’s skills and star quality.

Whenever Real’s skepticism arises, Liverpool is often mentioned as a team that Mbappe can go to. It is also possible to remain in PSG dramatically. It is only known whether Mbappe will remain Lee Kang-in’s colleague after this summer.

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