‘Look at basketball player profile with milk?’ Japanese club marketing that is melted throughout life

Japanese clubs are captivating fans with their marketing that is melted throughout their lives.

The Ryukyu Golden Kings are a popular club representing Japan’s B. League. The Okinawa Arena, which is based in Okinawa, is the first NBA-style gymnasium in Asia. Ryukyu’s home game attracts more than 8,000 spectators every game. As the defending champion of the B. League, he participated in the EASL (East Asian Super League), and now Korean fans are also famous.마카오토토

B. As a popular club in the league, its marketing strategy was also amazing. It naturally attracts citizens’ attention by leaving traces throughout Okinawa to publicize its name.

First of all, a large banner of Ryukyu’s team is hung at Ion Mall, a large shopping mall. Individual photos of players were arranged, and even their jersey numbers and names were posted. As many people gather, they can know the names of Ryukyu’s team and players by looking at the banners. Posters are also posted next to escalators and elevators to announce the schedule of the games.

The “Blue Seal Ice Cream” store also had Ryukyu’s team emblem. Blue Seal Ice Cream is a famous ice cream store among Koreans. It is considered a must-try food if you travel to Okinawa. A sticker of Ryukyu’s team emblem was attached to the checkout counter of the Blue Seal Ice Cream Store that the reporter visited. It was trivial, but it was enough to arouse the curiosity of those passing by.

The most surprising thing was the coffee milk that could be easily purchased at convenience stores. The coffee milk had a photo of Ryukyu’s player, as well as a profile such as his number, height, and weight. On the other hand, there is a QR code, so if you take a picture with your phone, you will be directed to the page where Ryukyu’s home game is guided. Even if you are not a basketball fan, you will naturally be able to encounter a team called Ryukyu if you scan the QR code out of curiosity.

From large shopping balls that are crowded with people to coffee milk that can be easily purchased at local convenience stores. Ryukyu melted naturally throughout the lives of Okinawa residents. I visited them and found out why they are loved by Okinawa people.

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