ESPN “Korea with Son Heung-min, is Klinsmann the manager?”

Jürgen Klinsmann (60, Germany), head coach of the Korean national soccer team, has been humiliated by a global broadcaster who has been appearing as an analyst for 15 years.

Sports channel ESPN pointed out in a preview of the 18th Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup finals produced by an Australian correspondent on January 9, “Korea has the most famous and best player Son Heung-min (32, Tottenham), but Jurgen Klinsmann’s suitability as a coach is questioned.”

South Korea, ranked 23rd in the world, will play the first to third matches of Group E of the AFC Asian Cup semi-finals on Jan. 15, 20, and 25 against Bahrain ▲ 86th, Bahrain ▲ 87th, Jordan ▲ 130th, Malaysia. Jürgen Klinsmann has been appearing on ESPN contents as a soccer expert since 2010.

When he was an active player, Jürgen Klinsmann was selected as one of the 125 greatest players to celebrate the 100th anniversary of FIFA. After retirement, he coached Germany’s national team ▲2008-2009 Bayern Munich (Germany) ▲2011-2016 U.S. national team ▲Herta (Germany) from 2019-2020.

Jürgen Klinsmann led Germany to No. 3 in FIFA competitions at the 7th Confederation Cup in 2005 and the 18th World Cup in 2006. In the U.S., he won the 12th CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2013 and ranked 15th in the 20th World Cup in 2014.월카지노

However, the absence of the Korean national team in charge of the team three years after leaving Hertha is a disadvantage that has been feared from the beginning. ESPN reported that Jurgen Klinsmann is preparing to win the Asian Cup amid negative mood about his ability and authority as a coach.

Specifically, ESPN criticized Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, including the recollection that he was a “tactically incompetent leader” of ▲ Philippe Lam (41, Germany), ▲ 76 days in the miserable Hertha days when he only took over the head coach position, and the German media evaluation that the success of the national soccer team was the power of Joachim Löw (64).

Philippe Lam will shine on the selection of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) Europe’s all-time dream team in 2021. He was a pupil of Jürgen Klinsmann as a German national team member for the 2006 World Cup and a 2008-09 Bayern Munich player.

ESPN pointed out that “It is familiar to American fans that Jurgen Klinsmann, as the coach of the Korean national team, reveals problems with tactics and strategies during the game,” and that he was not a good leader not only in the 2000s but also in the 2010s.

Coach Jürgen Klinsmann, after taking the helm of Korea, has been squarely countering negative public opinions through press conferences and other media. ESPN said, “The time for verbal attempts will soon end. It is questionable whether he will have another chance if he is disqualified because he fails to surpass Iran, which is ranked 21st in the world, which is expected to face off against the quarterfinals at the Asian Cup.”

ESPN, which introduced ▲23 Ballon d’Or voting 23rd Kim Min-jae (28, Bayern Munich) ▲2023-24 Premier League 10 goals Hwang Hee-chan (28, Wolverhampton) ▲ Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Lee Kang-in (23) as a “Korean talent capable of winning the Asian Cup,” said, “It will not be easy,” worrying about the “minus effect of Klinsman.”

“Ballon d’Or” is the most prestigious individual award in soccer, the English Premier League is the top of the UEFA rankings, and PSG is the fourth in the European club rankings. ESPN acknowledged that not only Son Heung-min but also the Korean national team, which has many stars, is “the reason why coach Jurgen Klinsmann is optimistic about winning the Asian Cup.”

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