I don’t want to pay to recruit… Inter seeks to recruit ’94 billion Manchester United failures’ for free

Italian media “Calzio Mercato” reported on the 13th (Korea time), “Inter Milan wants to bring in Anthony Martial (27, Manchester United) as a free agent this summer, not this winter.”라바카지노

Martial left AS Monaco for Manchester United in 2015. Manchester United valued the potential of Martial, who was only 19 years old at the time, and spent a huge amount of £57.6 million (about 94 billion won).

It did not show enough growth to match the transfer fee. Marcial’s growth at Manchester United gradually slowed down. His potential slowly disappeared due to his large and small injuries.

He did not have a clear performance in the last season either. Martial was constantly suffering from minor injuries. All he had was a disappointing report card of nine goals and three assists in 29 matches.

Things are not so good this season, either. Rasmus Hoirun, who joined the club last summer, has narrowed his chance further. He only started five games in the league.

Leaving Manchester United is a foregone conclusion. With his contract set to expire in June, Manchester United decided to sell him this winter without invoking a one-year extension of his contract.

Plans to sell the deal are not going smoothly. It has been reported that Marcial wants to make a careful decision on the transfer after securing more options for free agency this summer.

Inter Milan also has no intention of bringing in Marciall right away. According to the latest report, Inter Milan general manager Giuseppe Marotta has listed Marciall as a free agent this summer.

The problem is Martial’s high weekly salary. Martial is paid 250,000 pounds (about 400 million won) a week by Manchester United. It is analyzed that a cut of nearly 50 percent is needed to join Inter Milan.

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