Women’s Basketball Resumes Second Half of Breath… When KB and Woori Bank’s Balance Will Be Broken

The 2023-24 women’s professional basketball team will enter the ranking competition in earnest after the All-Star Game break. The competition for the first place between Cheongju KB Stars and Asan Woori Bank, which competed for the championship throughout the first half of the year, and the competition for the semifinal playoff (PO) with only two seats left, is expected to continue intense.

The women’s basketball team, which took a breath for about two weeks for the All-Star break, will start its second half of the season with a face-off between Busan BNK Sum and Bucheon Hana One Q at Sajik Indoor Stadium in Busan on the 13th. Each team that scored the half-point of the regular league now has 13 to 14 games left.

Fans are paying keen attention to the competition between KB and Woori, which is staging the all-time competition. KB leads the league with 15 wins and two losses, while Woori Bank, which has played one less game, is in second place with 14 wins and two losses, one less than one win. Both teams have posted win rates of nearly 90 percent, continuing their overwhelming two-way race. Woori lost both games to KB. KB lost two games to Woori and Yongin Samsung Life Insurance, respectively.

As the two teams are overwhelming the other teams, it is predicted that the competition for the championship will be virtually decided according to the results of the remaining three showdowns. The two teams have three showdowns left, including Asan Lee Soon-shin Gymnasium on the 14th and 19th of next month, and Cheongju Gymnasium on the 11th of next month. In the last 2020-21 season, Woori Bank (22-8 at the time) and KB (21-9 at the time) were divided by a single game difference. Woori Bank’s lead over KB with 4 wins and 2 losses in the opponent game was crucial. The key is which team minimizes variables such as injuries or abnormalities of key players.마카오토토

Not only the two teams’ competition to win the regular league, but also the competition for PO in the semifinals is expected to spark off. Samsung Life Insurance is leading the way in third place with eight wins and eight losses, while Bucheon Hana One Q is in fourth place with six wins and 10 losses. This is followed by BNK (4 wins and 13 losses) and Incheon Shinhan Bank (2 wins and 14 losses). The gap between third and lowest is six games apart.

In particular, as Hana One Q, which had been at the bottom of the table for the last two consecutive seasons, succeeded in a complete rebound this season, competition for the mid-ranked rankings became fiercer. Although it was painful to lose two important consecutive games with Samsung Life Insurance just before the break, it is said that if we look at Hana One Q’s trend with the effect of recruiting Kim Jong-un, we can also seek to return to the semifinal PO for the first time in four years.

BNK, which is in fifth place, is also aiming for a big counterattack in the second half. Fortunately, the flow of four consecutive losses was cut off once through the All-Star break, and the power that made it to the championship game last season remains strong. Shinhan Bank, which only won two games in the first half of the season, is also set to return to the injured one after another after the break. Considering the gap (four games) with Hana One Q in fourth place, it is not at a stage to give up its goal beyond the “red pepper powder unit” that Gunadan predicted.

Meanwhile, many meaningful records are expected to be achieved in the second half of this season, drawing more attention from fans.

Kim Jong Un is the second player in the WKBL history to score 8,000 points and only 34 points. Jeong Sun-min (retired, 8,140 points) has the most points in this category. Kim Jong Un also has just one in his 700 three-point shootings and six in his 500 steals, respectively.

Woori Bank coach Wi Sung-woo has recorded 297 wins (81 losses) through the WKBL’s record correction process, moving him one step closer to becoming the first coach to win 300. If he leads the team with three more wins in the second half of the year, Wi will make a new history with the WKBL. In addition, KB Kang Yi-seul, who has recorded 730 3-pointers, is aiming to become the fifth most successful player in 3-pointers, beating Han Chae-jin, who recorded 748.

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