‘Scary talent’ KCC Lee Geun-hwi overwhelmingly wins the preliminary round of the 3-point shooting contest

Jeon Chang-jin, head coach of the KCC in Busan, made an evaluation of Lee Keun-hwi (26), the team’s shooter, in private. He exaggeratedly expressed Lee’s superior quality as a “three-point shooter.” At the same time, he once said, “He’s a player with an annual salary of 500 million won (approx. Lee Keun-hwi’s tremendous talent comes out well during training, but it doesn’t come out well in actual training.

Lee Keun-hwi, who has such a dilemma, has displayed his talents to the fullest. In the preliminary round of the “Three-Point Shoot Contest,” which was held as a pre-event for the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball League All-Star Game held at Sono Arena in Goyang on Monday, Lee ranked first with overwhelming performance.

In the preliminary round of the “Pocari Sweat 3-point shooting contest,” which was held as a pre-event ahead of the All-Star Game on the day, 14 Korean and foreign players who said they would shoot well at the KBL stage applied to participate. However, 13 players actually participated in the preliminary round. Goyang Sono’s ace, Jeon Sung-hyun, could not participate due to injury.

Thirteen players will throw five balls in each of the five zones within the time limit (70 seconds). Four zones are comprised of four regular balls (1 point) and one money ball (2 points), and one zone designated by a player is called the Moneyball Zone, and all five zones are filled with Moneyballs. In addition, two “deep three zones” were newly established at the All-Star Game. If you score three zones, you get three points.마카오토토

Park Moo-bin, the nominee for the Rookie of the Year award at Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan, was the first to participate and scored 16 points. It was not a bad performance. Rather, Lee Jung-hyun (Samsung) and Heo Woong (KCC) and Choi Sung-won (Jeonggwanjang) who had high expectations were sluggish with 12 to 14 points. Didrick Lawson (Wonju DB), the third runner, maintained the top spot for a while with 18 points.

Then, Oh Jae-hyun (Seoul SK), who came out as eighth runner, instantly rose to the top with 22 points. Yang Hong-seok (Suwon KT), who came out next, displayed relatively good performance with 17 points. However, with Andrew Nicholson (Korea Gas Corporation) scoring 20 points, Yang fell to fourth place, the final round of the finals.

However, Lee Keun-hwi, who came out last, overturned all the results. Lee Keun-hwi said before the start that he would score 20 points, but he quickly accumulated points by recording an amazing success rate from the first section. Eventually, when he finished the last five sections, the electronic display had 25 points. He was overwhelmingly in first place.

Lee Keun-hwi, Oh Jae-hyun, Nicholson and Lawson will be the finalists for the three-point contest. Yang failed to enter the preliminary round by a one-point margin. The final round of the three-point shooting contest, which consists of two Korean and two foreign players, will take place after the end of the first quarter of the All-Star Game. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Keun-hwi will show off his “fearful talent” that surprised coach Jeon Chang-jin at the final.

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