The present and future of Samsung’s home turf, and a mini camp will be set up in Okinawa, Japan

Samsung Lions catcher Kang Min-ho and Kim Do-hwan will set up a mini camp in Okinawa, Japan, from the 15th.

Before the spring camp, they will move to warm Okinawa first to prepare for this season. For individual training, the club has to pay only airfare and cover the rest of the expenses with its own money. Kang has decided to open his wallet to help his younger teammates grow.헤라카지노주소

Kim Do-hwan said, “Minho said let’s go to Okinawa first and train together, so we decided to leave on the 15th. Thank you for giving me such a good opportunity when you usually take good care of me.”

He added, “There are so many things I want to ask Minho, especially I want to learn the throwing motion. In my opinion, Minho’s throwing posture is very ideal. I plan to learn hard while training together.”

Kim Do-hwan kept the home turf of the youth national team when he was in Shinil High School and received high expectations when he joined the team, winning the Lee Man-soo Catcher Award. Kim Do-hwan, who promised himself to return to the next level as an upgraded form in Sangmu, returned to the team in June last year and played in nine games with a batting average of .143 (1 hit in seven at-bats).

Looking back on last season, he said, “I think this is the reality rather than the disappointment. It’s up to me to create the opportunity to play, but I didn’t give him that much stability. As a result, I haven’t been able to play in many games and I think my position has narrowed a lot.”

Before Kim Do-hwan joined the army, the current Samsung Catchers changed drastically. Kang Min-ho still protects the home turf and Kim Jae-sung has joined the team. Lee Byung-hun, who joined Kim Do-hwan at the same time, is also showing rapid growth. Kim Do-hwan is sweating hard to survive the fiercer survival competition.

“I started exercising in early December. I am trying hard not to repeat the disappointment of last year. No matter how hard I try, if I don’t get a good result this season, it will be no use. Everything tells me, so I have to do my best,” he stressed.

When asked Kim Do-hwan about his goals for this season, he replied, “The other players may have the same idea, but the biggest goal is to stay in the first team as long as possible without getting hurt.”

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