Investment of 400 million won → ‘Request for Recruitment of Kim Min-sik’… Will the Command Tower Declare Blanket, Restoring Pride of the Catcher Kingdom

Can the Doosan Bears regain their lost reputation.

The Doosan Bears had no concerns about catcher. Starting with former national team coaches Kim Kyung-moon and former KT Wiz coaches Cho Bum-hyun, players representing the league such as Kim Tae-hyung, Jin Gap-yong, Lee Do-hyung, Hong Seong-heun, Yang Eui-ji and Park Se-hyuk have been watching the home turf. The nickname “catcher kingdom” always followed Doosan.헤라카지노

Doosan had excellent catcher resources enough to trade Choi Jae-hoon, who is currently playing as Hanwha’s main catcher, but this season will face the season with home turf concerns.

There is no need to worry about starting catcher. Ahead of last season, he signed a contract with Yang Eui-ji, the best catcher in the league, for a total of 15.2 billion won (10.2 million U.S. dollars) for 4+2 years.

Yang Eui-ji played the role of both pitcher and pitcher. Even though he is in his mid-30s, he played 773 innings wearing a catcher’s mask. He skillfully led the pitching staff and solved the game.

He played in 129 games with a batting average of .35 and 17 homers, playing as a central hitter. He was the only Doosan batter to surpass .300. He had a hard time in the wild-card game against the NC Dinos, but he also started the game and recorded one hit and two RBIs. He proved himself to be the best catcher once again by receiving the Golden Glove in the catcher category last year.

The problem is backup catcher. Yang Eui-ji has physical problems to wear a full-time catcher mask. “Yang Eui-ji played as a designated hitter at NC Dinos in 2022 almost full-time. I thought I shouldn’t force him right away. However, due to team circumstances, I had no choice but to play as a catcher in many games. If there was a catcher who can play about two games a week, his will would have arranged his physical strength by playing as a designated hitter, but he lacked a lot (backup catcher). Jang Seung-hyun and Ahn Seung-han did a good job, but it fell short of my expectations,” Lee said.

Each of Jang Seung-hyeon and Ahn Seung-han’s defense has its own strengths. However, its offense failed to catch up. Jang had a batting average of 15.8 in 76 games, while Ahn had a batting average of 208 in 22 games. The performance leaves much to be desired for a catcher in the first division. Manager Lee also had no choice but to give a cold evaluation, saying, “There were no outstanding catchers except (Yang) Eui-ji.”

Doosan recruited outside resources for now. In the second draft, which was conducted after the end of the season, LG Twins catcher Kim Ki-yeon was recruited as a first-round pick. The exercise of the first-round pick comes with 400 million won in compensation.

Kim Ki-yeon joined LG in the fourth round (34th overall) of the second rookie draft in 2016. He has only 42 matches in the first division, but he has the advantage of being a “military catcher.”

As the backup catcher was recruited from outside, it was bound to be a stimulus to existing players.

Recently, some even claimed to be recruiting FA. SSG announced on Wednesday that it has acquired FA catcher Lee Ji-young in a sign-and-trade deal with Kiwoom Heroes. Kiwoom signed a two-year contract worth 400 million won (390,000 U.S. dollars), and SSG granted Kiwoom 250 million won (270,000 dollars) in cash and the right to name a rookie in the third round in 2025.

When SSG recruited Lee Ji-young, it put out the urgent fire against the catcher. Naturally, it had no choice but to change the mood to cool down towards internal FA catcher Kim Min-sik. SSG offered a multi-year contract to Kim Min-sik last year, but it did not lead to a contract. It sought to sign a contract with the FA after the end of the season, but failed to make much progress. Ultimately, SSG decided to change its direction to Lee Ji-young.

As SSG reinforced the catcher, there was no reason to hang himself on Kim Min-sik. In fact, it has become difficult to expect as good as the previous offer.

In the meantime, some argued that Doosan, which lacks backup catches, should be recruited.

Kim Min-sik is so experienced that he pitched 786 ⅔, the fifth most among catchers last year. He is clearly a catcher who can fill about two games a week that Doosan hopes for.

It is unlikely that Doosan will compete for Kim Min-sik. Currently, the salary cap is full, and there are plenty of catcher resources that can be used as a backup.

There are Jang Seung-hyeon and Ahn Seung-han, Kim Ki-yeon, Jang Kyu-bin from the first round who returned from military service last year, and Yoon Joon-ho, a college graduate catcher who made a name for himself in the “strongest baseball.” Although he has yet to show remarkable growth rate, he is not even capable enough to be completely excluded. Regardless of the amount of money Kim Min-sik paid to the FA, opportunities for them to gain experience should also be provided.

Coach Lee said, “I will look for the second catcher again in a blank state,” signaling “Covering the catcher well” as a spring camp project.

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