China is on the verge of being eliminated. Now it’s blaming the “foreign director”… “I picked the wrong one in the first place, get fired right away.”

China has turned its blame on Aleksandar Jankovic (51).

China tied Lebanon (107th) 0-0 in the second Group A match of the Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup at Altumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 17th (Korea time).

As a result, China ended up in a draw for the second consecutive group match. China, which was tied 0-0 at the first match by giving away 20 shots to Tajikistan, which is ranked 106th in the FIFA rankings, failed to win the match against Lebanon, which was ranked 107th. Rather, China was fortunate to have had a draw after being hit twice by Lebanon.월카지노

Now, China is going to meet Qatar, the leader and host of Group A. China, which failed to win over Lebanon and Tajikistan, which were considered the weakest teams in the group, is not likely to win against Qatar. If China loses to Qatar, it will face the humiliation of eliminating even a single win.

Chinese media Zhao Yu said on the day, “China tied for the second time in a row. It was a wrong decision to appoint Aleksandar Jankovic as the national team coach.” “Don’t make excuses that you didn’t have anyone to pick. It’s a shame to pretend you didn’t know when you picked the wrong coach.” He said that those who put Jankovic in the position should be held accountable.

Jankovic, who was born in Serbia, became the head coach of the Chinese U-19 national team in 2018, and developed relationship with Chinese soccer. When he performed well against Japan at the East Asian Cup while serving as a substitute for the Chinese national team in 2022, the Chinese soccer association promoted him to an official coach the following year. He was the first foreign coach in four years since Marcello Lippi.

However, as his performance in the warm-up matches right before the Asian Cup continues to the finals, he is under fire. One Chinese netizen criticized him in a comment, saying, “Dismiss Jankovic, the national team should just return home.”

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