Park Hye-jin, who does not overdo it, returns… Woori Bank is quietly sharpening the knife

Wi Sung-woo, head coach of Asan Woori Bank, made the remarks on the timing of Park’s return, saying, “We are fiercely competing with the Cheongju KB Stars for the championship, and even the number of players available is not enough, but we do not intend to rush Park back. (Park) Hye-jin is in a physical condition like jogging right now. If she overdoes it to make a quick return, it could lead to a bigger injury. We need to see the situation then after her muscle strength comes up. I am cautious now.”

Park Hye-jin, Woori’s ace, was injured again last month after returning from the injury and is out of the lineup again. After playing in November last year, Park played eight games to boost her performance, only to suffer a ruptured ligament in her knee less than a month after her return. It was unfortunate news for Park Hye-jin, who was out of the lineup again, and for Woori, whose performance was improving in tandem with his return. “I couldn’t exercise during the offseason, but I suddenly rested again while I was looking for my pace after joining the team. It’s all the more regrettable that all the workouts I did after my return disappeared,” coach Wi Sung-woo said.마카오토토

Park Hye-jin’s departure will inevitably put a huge burden on Woori Bank. Due to the absence of Ace, it is inevitable that the performance will be lower than before, and in the process, it is also leading to the physical burden of other key players such as Kim Dan-bi and Park Ji-hyun. For Woori Bank, which already lacks available personnel, his absence will inevitably be felt even more.

Nevertheless, coach Wi Sung-woo and Woori Bank do not rush to return to Park Hye-jin because they want her to return to her full physical condition rather than taking risks. Just in time, other players are also trying to fill Park Hye-jin’s gap as much as possible, and thanks to this, it is also leading to the growth of young players. The fierce competition for the championship with KB, which is around one game away from Park Hye-jin, is also proof that the players, led by Kim Dan-bi and Park Ji-hyun, are showing “low power.” Coach Wi said, “If there was Park Hye-jin, who was responsible for 16 points, the most in the team in the match against Bucheon Hana One Q on the 18th, I might not have given her much time to play. It was ideal that she scored a good shot in the beginning. It was in the same vein that she played her part today, leading to victory.”

Park Hye-jin returns at a critical time as the regular league has passed the halfway mark. Competition to win the regular league is also important, but her key goal is to reach the top of the championship game through the playoffs. If Park Hye-jin returns to full physical condition in the second half of the season, it will be a huge success for Woori. Of course, it could be a critical variable in the women’s professional basketball competition this season, which has been narrowed down to a two-way race between KB and Woori Bank. Coach Wi Sung-woo and Woori Bank are silently sharpening their swords.

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