Hader Goes to Houston for $95 Million for 5 Years… Finishes Based on Actual Value FA Highest

Left-hander Josh Hader (29) found the team.

Local media, including “ESPN,” reported on the 20th (Korea time) that Hader agreed to a contract with the Houston Astros.랭크카지노주소

The size of the five-year contract is 95 million dollars (127 billion 62.5 million won). It is a contract that receives the full amount without installment payment.

No opt-out or team options were included, receiving a trade veto for the light bulb.

Earlier, Edwin Diaz re-signed with the New York Mets and agreed to a $102.5 million contract, but the actual value is estimated at about $93 million, including installment payments.

Referring to this, local media reported that Hader exceeded the record for the largest amount of money in the finishing FA, beyond Diaz based on actual value.

Hader is one of the league’s top finishers with a five-time All-Star career and a three-time Trevor Hoffman Redemption Pitcher of the Year award.

In his seven seasons in the Major League, he pitched in 349 games, recording 20 wins, 21 losses, 165 saves, and a 2.50 ERA.

In the 2023 season, he pitched in 61 games and 56 1/3 innings for the San Diego Padres, recording a 1.28 ERA and 0.5 home runs, 4.8 walks, and 13.6 strikeouts per 1.101 innings of WHIP.

He made 33 saves out of 38 save opportunities, keeping his team behind the scenes.

In the new team, he plans to join Ryan Pressley as the team’s must-win team.

Houston’s Hector Neris, Line Stanek, and Phil Maiton left the team, and Kendall Graveman was confirmed to be out for the 2024 season due to shoulder surgery. He seems to have made a big investment at a time when he needs to strengthen his power in the bullpen.

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