Attractiveness in Love Programs… Will LG Lee Kwan-hee be able to become a “Butterfly”

Lee Kwan-hee drew a lot of attention during the last off-season by appearing in season 3 of Netflix’s original love program “Solo Hell.”

Solo Hell is a program in which six young single men and women trapped on an uninhabited island named Hell Island explore each other and enjoy dating at a luxury resort called Heaven Island if they agree.마카오카지노

Lee Kwan-hee showed an honest and outstanding charm in the program, and absorbed all the buzz of the third season of Solo Hell like a black hole.

His social media followers were less than 70,000 in early December last year before the program began, but have since increased exponentially to about 840,000.

LG Lee Kwan-hee’s outstanding performance

Lee Kwan-hee returned as a basketball player, not a “influencer” who gained high popularity through reality programs and devoted himself to broadcasting activities.

Lee Kwan-hee, who filmed the broadcast only during the off-season, when the club did not have a training schedule, returned to his main job as a basketball player and was busy preparing for the season, and sweated on the court.

As a veteran, Lee Kwan-hee played an average of 20 minutes and 41 seconds this season, accounting for 9.8 points in the team, behind Asem Maray (16.2 points), Yang Hong-seok (12.8 points) and Lee Jae-do (11.1 points).

As of the 22nd, LG is in a fierce battle for third place with 20 wins and 13 losses.

Attention is drawn to whether Lee Kwan-hee’s enormous popularity will lead to the popularity of LG clubs and Korean basketball beyond individuals.

Before the program aired, the number of LG’s SNS followers increased by an average of 100 per week, but after the last episode aired, it surged by nearly 4,000 per week.

Although LG’s good performance this season will have a greater impact, the average number of LG home spectators increased by nearly 60% even though the average number of professional basketball spectators increased by about 24% compared to the same period (rounds 1 to 3) last season.

Those who did not know the “farm” of basketball, but fell in love with Lee Kwan-hee through solo hell, are taking a step closer to basketball while looking for Lee Kwan-hee who is focused on his main job.

Lim (28), an office worker who enjoyed the program, introduced himself to Lee Kwan-hee, who is not conscious of the broadcast camera, by saying, “I listened (Gwanhee + Heals).”

Lim, who was also curious about “Basketball player Lee Kwan-hee” after seeing comments from existing basketball fans, searched for Lee Kwan-hee’s video through YouTube and SNS algorithms, and Lee Kwan-hee’s advice to junior players on his blog looked cool because of his affection for basketball.

Lim said he was curious if Lee Kwan-hee could achieve the “League championship” he set as his goal before retirement, adding that he would continue to look for Lee Kwan-hee and LG’s performance with interest.

The basketball community also agrees that interest in Lee Kwan-hee is an opportunity to lead to the popularity of Korean professional basketball.

In 2019, LG already made headlines by appearing in a broadcast entertainment program by former director Hyun Joo-yup, and fans naturally experienced a positive increase.

KBL Secretary-General Kim Kwang said, “It is a good phenomenon that interest in basketball continues due to Lee Kwan-hee, who is unique and unique. I think the KBL or the club needs to be active,” adding, “Then talented rookies such as Park Moo-bin (Hyundai Mobis) and Yoo Ki-sang (LG) will be able to promote the charm of basketball.”

Of course, in order to expand into the butterfly effect of recovering the popularity of Korean basketball, Lee Kwan-hee’s steady performance must be supported above all else.

This is because Lee Kwan-hee’s basketball skills and charm on the court must come out in order to keep fans interested in basketball.

If his performance deteriorates, it could backfire on “basketball player Lee Kwan-hee.”

An LG club official said, “If it is something that can be introduced as a basketball fan, you should make good use of it,” adding, “There are parts that I talk to with players, but there are also parts that are cautious in that it can affect my performance.”

In addition to Lee Kwan-hee’s individual performance, basketball circles such as the KBL and the association can take an opportunity that may lead to the revival of Korean basketball by “rowing the paddle when the water comes in.”

KBS commentator Son Dae-beom thought that exposure through the media would be effective as long as it was not burdensome to Lee Kwan-hee.

Sohn said, “There is also a way to post more videos of Lee Kwan-hee’s play on SNS,” and added, “If you are a fan who comes to the basketball court and knows ‘Lee Kwan-hee in the Solo Hell’ first, you will not be familiar with basketball. It would be nice to approach the prospective fan base more kindly, such as how a famous player appears in a video that easily explains how to enjoy a basketball game.”

Sohn added that as he shows his outstanding personality in the interview, it is also necessary to use the archive, which is KBL’s own heritage, to transfer Lee Kwan-hee’s attention to basketball.

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