Blue Dragon’s energy and ‘Homer King’… “A batter who will change the league, he will definitely come out.”

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop (48) was the best hitter in the KBO League in name and reality.

When he mentioned “Chu Kang-daeyeop (Chu Shin-soo, Kang Jung-ho, Lee Dae-ho and Lee Seung-yeop),” who is considering the best hitter in Korea, he humbled that “my name should be excluded as they are hitters who played in the same league as the Major League.” “Legend,” a legend who drew a total of 626 arches (KBO 467 and NPB 159) in Korea and Japan. It is weird if he is not the best.

Marking the 10,000th anniversary of the order, Sports Chosun has been in line with Lee Seung-yeop’s growth. Since Lee Seung-yeop was an excellent pitcher in high school, he set a new record for home runs in the KBO League. In addition, Sports Chosun was always with Lee Seung-yeop as starting pitcher.

“I remember exactly what the first article came out. It’s ’20 Q&A’,” Lee said. “I don’t have many interviews when I was a rookie, so it’s even more special and I still watch them while thinking about my past. Also, there are many memorable articles on Sports Chosun because of their support and love for me.”

Leaving behind his stellar career, Lee has taken on a new challenge as a leader since last year.

▶ “Oh, that’s right. The Blue Dragon Flag was very good.”

Manager Lee, who commanded the KBO League as the best home run hitter, made his first relationship with Sports Chosun as a “pitcher.”헤라카지노

Gyeongbuk High School, led by Lee, won the 1993 Blue Dragon Flag (hosted by the Chosun Ilbo and Sports Chosun) National High School Baseball Championship.

Lee, who was a second-year pitcher at the time, received the “Excellent Pitcher Award.” He garnered three wins alone by blocking eight ⅓s and innings in the final.

“It was really tough back then,” Lee said with a smile. “I lost to Daegu Sangwon High School in the presidential boat and failed in the preliminary round. I had a hard time in the first game, but I got stronger as I prepared for the national championship.”

Lee also has vivid memories of MVP Kim Soo-kwan, the current coach of Pohang University of Science and Technology. “He was the captain and he was really good at baseball. (Kim) Sou-gwan hit a three-run tie, and I hit a home run that turned the tables,” Lee recalled.

Manager Lee said, “As much as I overcame my first setback to achieve the championship, the Blue Dragon Open was a special game in my baseball career. They often say ‘I get energy’, but I think the Blue Dragon Open spirit helped me a lot during my professional career. I was able to play with confidence.”

▶ Shocking first booing… “I have to smile at the end of this year’s article.”

When he was an active player, Lee always received applause. There was no incident and he served as a model for all players by always making efforts despite his outstanding skills. Lee also wanted baseball players Lee Seung-yeop to be remembered as a player who always thinks about baseball and does his best.

Expectations for Lee Seung-yeop were high, as was his stellar performance. Many were curious about the color of his new team, the Doosan Bears, which used to be the symbol of the Samsung Lions.

Having made a dramatic start by winning the game with a walk-off home run from the very first game, he won 11 consecutive games midway through the season, and tied the record for the most consecutive wins in a managerial debut season set by former Lotte manager Jerry Royster in 2008. However, he failed to continue the mood of upturn at the end of the regular season, and finished the season by ranking fifth.

He successfully achieved his “first goal” in that he made inroads into the fall baseball league by finishing his team’s ninth-place performance in fifth place. However, he also had regrets that he could not advance to a higher place.

As expectations were high, fans were also disappointed. Some fans booed Lee as he came to the ground to greet his fans after the last game of the regular season.

“I think I’ve never heard of yayu before,” Lee said. “I have to admit that it’s a fan’s evaluation. A professional player is cool-headed. I’ll make sure to receive applause in the last game from now on.”

This is the autumn baseball that ended with one game after losing to the NC Dinos in the wild card game. This is the moment that manager Lee deeply memorized in 2024. “I cannot forget the defeat in Changwon on October 19th. I will carry it with me deeply in my heart. I hope that the defeat will serve as the foundation for the team to take off in 2024,” Lee said at the New Year’s party.

“I saw the cheering section at the last minute in Changwon, and I really wanted to win. I was sorry that I didn’t win,” Lee said.

Director Lee said, “This year, the article titled ‘Out’ was the last one, and I hope it will be more wins than last year’s 74 wins and smile brightly at the last minute.”

▶ The next Lee Seungyeop? “I’m sure he’ll come out”

One of the things that coach Lee symbolizes when he was an active player is “Jamsaechae.”

It was the moment when Lee had 56 homers in 2003, making the most homers in Asia in a single season. Fans brought a dragonfly to the ground to catch Lee’s homer. At that time, Lee’s homerun hit was so popular that it always appeared on the front page of the newspaper.

Recently, the KBO League has been talking about the absence of big guns. Although Noh Si-hwan (Hanwha) became the “20s Home Run King” by hitting 31 home runs last year, the search for “Post Lee Seung-yeop” is still in progress.

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