MLB Challenge, Captain, Highest Salary… Kim Hye-sung’s 2024 to endure burden

Kiwoom Heroes infielder Kim Hye-sung (24), who marks the eighth anniversary of his professional debut, will be more important than any other season in 2024. He needs the best performance not only for individuals but also for the team’s goals.

Individual players are scheduled to post Major League Baseball (MLB) after the end of the 2024 season. Only when they catch the eyes of big league teams by showing remarkable performances can they advance to the “Dream Stage” more easily.

Kim Hye-sung also carries heavy weight when thinking about his team. He has to show his presence as the highest-paid player in his team in the 2024 season, and he is also the captain of the new season. He also needs to address the need to improve Kiwoom’s performance, which was the lowest-paid player last year.

Kiwoom announced on the 22nd that it has completed annual salary contracts with all 44 people eligible for the 2024 season salary contract. Among them, the most prominent player is by far Kim Hye-sung. This is because the contract broke the record for the highest annual salary in the eighth year of the KBO League.

Kim Hye-sung’s annual salary with Kiwoom is 650 million won, up 230 million won (54.8 percent) from 2023. The previous record for the highest annual salary in the eighth year of the KBO League was 550 million won for Na Sung-bum (KIA Tigers).

On top of that, he became Kiwoom’s highest-paid player for the 2024 season and even became the star of the record for highest annual salary increase. The second highest-paid player in Kiwoom after Kim Hye-sung is veteran Lee Yong-gyu (38). Lee Yong-gyu’s annual salary, which was agreed upon at 200 million won (approx. In terms of the amount of increase, Kim Hui-jip (22) made the second highest annual salary (36 million won) after Kim Hye-sung.헤라카지노

He also needs to endure the weight of his captain’s armband. Kim Hye-sung was appointed as Kiwoom captain for the 2024 season.

Kiwoom announced on the 16th that “Kim Hye-sung will captain the 2024 season at the request of head coach Hong Won-ki.” Kiwoom struggled last season. The season record was 58 wins, 83 losses, three draws, and the winning rate was only 411 percent. There was also a 27.5 game gap with the LG Twins, who ranked first.

She was the runner-up in the Korean Series in the 2022 season, but achieved the opposite result in just one season. She must overcome the crisis under the leadership of Captain Kim Hye-sung.

Hong has shown strong trust in captain Kim Hye-sung. “We have assigned Kim a heavy responsibility given that he has not only the leadership and leadership skills to lead young players but also has experience as a captain in various international competitions,” Hong said.

As Hong said, Kim Hye-sung already has experience as a captain in international competitions even at a young age. He also served as a captain at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year and the 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC). During the 2021 season, he was appointed as the youngest captain in the history of the KBO league through a vote of his team’s players, and built leadership.

Kim Hye-sung said, “As I have an important role in the team, I feel responsible and try to seek help as much as there are good seniors in the team.” He added, “I’m older than the 2021 season when I was the first captain, and the team composition has changed a lot, and I have the same attitude, but I think I need to do a little better.”

The biggest reason why 2024 is important to Kim Hye-sung is that his entry into MLB is also at stake. Kim Hye-sung declared his bid to enter the U.S. after the end of this season.

He also officially received permission from his club to post, which is the first gateway to the big league challenge. Kiwoom said on the 16th that it has decided to accept Kim Hye-sung’s intention to challenge the MLB and will actively support his advance into the big league.

Kim Hye-sung played 137 games in the 2023 season and recorded 186 hits, seven homers, 104 runs and 57 RBIs. He recorded a batting average of 335. Thanks to his performance, he also received the Golden Glove Award as second baseman in the KBO League for the second consecutive year.

The U.S. has also expressed interest in Kim. MLB Trade Rumors (MLBTR), which deals with news on the MLB transfer market, said Kim is a left-handed batter who can stand in multiple positions and show his value at base. “It seems that the swing is not geared towards hitting that requires strength, but there is no doubt that he will be able to increase his power a little more this season,” he added.

MLB senior Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres) also confidently mentioned Kim Hye-sung as a player who is currently paying attention. Kim Ha-sung said in November last year, “I felt that Kim Hye-sung is really different from players of that age. As an infielder, I think Kim Hye-sung has a high probability of becoming the next major leaguer.”

Will Kim be able to continue her stellar performance in the new season, as she has many burdens on her shoulders? “The challenge to the big stage itself is meaningful to me,” Kim said, expressing her commitment to the new season, “As much as the team supports me, I want to prepare hard and bring good results for the rest of the season.” “I will do my best in everything I do as I always do,” she said.

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