‘King of Interest’ Miami Finally Succeeds in Trade… Recruiting Rozier

The Athletic, a local U.S. media outlet, reported on the 24th (Korea time), “The Miami Heat have signed a trade with the Charlotte Hornets. They exchange one first-round draft pick for Kyle Lowry and Terry Rozier.” Miami will send the draft pick to Charlotte in 2027, and if Miami’s ranking is within 14th, it will be changed to the first-round pick in 2028.마카오토토

Miami did the necessary reinforcement. Miami’s biggest problem was its offense. The defense worked solidly throughout the season, but it struggled on offense. Except for Tyler Hiro, Jimmy Butler, Snake Adebayo, and Duncan Robinson, none of the players consistently scored throughout the season.

Lowry’s poor performance was especially devastating. Lowry was having the worst season of his career this season, averaging 8.2 points and 4 assists. He was even pushed out of the starting lineup recently and played on the bench.

Rozier, on the other hand, is averaging 23.2 points and 6.6 assists this season. It’s a career-best season in scoring and assists, as opposed to Lowry.

Rozier led Charlotte’s offense alone when LaMelo Ball left with a long-term injury. The burden is expected to be reduced in Miami, where there are more resources to attack than Charlotte.

Miami also succeeded in increasing the team’s power by recruiting Rogier to increase the competitiveness of the guards.

There have been many trade rumors in recent seasons, but Miami, which has been in vain every time, has finally posted one. The key is how well Rozier and Miami go together.

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