Thanks to KT’s Ko Young-pyo and Sun Dong-yeol, who are ahead of the 10 billion contract?

KT Wiz native ace Ko Young-pyo (33) is expected to sign a multi-year contract a year before he acquires FA qualification.

According to news inside and outside the kt club, Ko Young-pyo is currently pursuing a non-FA multi-year contract of 10 billion won for five years. As soon as the discussion on options and other details is over, an official announcement is expected.헤라카지노

10 billion won for five years is the highest contract ever signed by a non-FA player in the KT Wiz history. It is true that the contract has expanded significantly to the entire league. The highest non-FA multi-year contract so far is held by SSG Kim Kwang-hyun (four years 15.1 billion won), and Ko Young-pyo will hit the third highest jackpot ever recorded by a player named Koo Chang-mo (six years 12.5 billion won). If fielders are included, he will rank fourth after Samsung’s Koo Ja-wook (five years and 12 billion won).

As such, KT highly valued Ko Young-pyo’s value and even gave him the best courtesy by adding that he is a franchise star.

Ko Young-pyo is a player mentioned as a representative example of Dae Jung-sung in the KBO League. He did not receive a professional nomination when he graduated from Hwasun High School, but his skills improved rapidly after he entered Dongguk University, and as a result, he was selected as the second first round (10th overall) of the 2014 Rookie Draft, and appeared in the first division from 2015, the following year.

Ko Young-pyo, who has been a mid-term pitching agent for two years until 2016, has taken the starting position since 2017 and has been creating stability on the team’s mound by breaking through the regular innings and raising double-digit wins for three consecutive years since 2021, when his potential exploded.

Notably, he has displayed the best performances in the entire league over the past three years, including foreign pitchers. Through last year, Ko had 36 wins and 21 losses with a 2.99 ERA in three seasons, and played 523.2 innings, the most innings after Samsung Buchanan (525 innings). In particular, his contribution to victory over substitute players is 15.87, overtaking Ahn Woo-jin (15.57) as No. 1 overall.

There is a record that makes Ko Young-pyo, who contributes to the team, shine even more, so it is the ratio of walks and strikeouts that have reached the highest level ever.

In fact, Ko Young-pyo is a sidearm-type pitcher, and his average fastball speed is also around 130 kilometers, so he is not very good at striking out. However, he is displaying the most efficient pitches by banking on his best ball control and changeups that enable him to pitch more frequently than fastballs.

In particular, the number of walks allowed is unprecedented throughout the history of the KBO. Despite accumulating many innings, the number of walks he gave in a season does not exceed 30, and most of all, he allowed only 19 in 174.2 innings last season, recording fewer than his own number of games (28 games).

As a result, the ratio of walks and strikeouts also reached 5.26 in total, beating Sun Dong-yeol (4.97), who is called the best pitcher in KBO history, to become the No. 1 player in history. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the secret to hitting 10 billion jackpots even at a considerable age in his mid-30s.

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