Tottenham almost got into big trouble… Contacted Turnhach two years ago → Urgent withdrawal of “No way”

Tottenham Hotspur almost made the mistake of appointing Erik Turnhach after Jose Mourinho was replaced.

British Sports Bible said on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) that “Tottenham tried to bring Turnhach to replace Mourinho before he went to Manchester United. However, for two reasons, it has decided not to appoint Turnhach as its manager.”

According to media reports, Tottenham was considering Turnhach, who led Ayas to glory as a coach to succeed Mourinho. Turnhach, a Dutch coach, was on a roll at Ajax at the time. He led Ajax to the Netherlands’ Eredivisie with three wins and made it to the semifinals in the UEFA Champions League.

Tottenham, which failed to produce any results under Mourinho, selected Turnhach as a candidate for the new coach and even had a meeting. However, after meeting Turnhach in person, Tottenham’s high-ranking officials withdrew their plan.라바카지노도메인

Sports Bible said, “The North London club spoke with former Ajax manager Turnhach in the summer of 2021, but the meeting was disappointing. Turnhach failed to persuade Tottenham’s senior ranks.”

The reason was Turnhach’s outrageous demands and poor English skills. “Turnhach was too dry throughout the meeting. There was also a demand that embarrassed the board members,” the media said. “Turnhach insisted on bringing in only one coach from Ajax, which raised eyebrows for Tottenham executives.”

“The Tottenham board members were concerned about Turnhach’s English ability and his ability to deliver ideas,” he said, adding that Turnhach decided there would be a problem with communication with the team.

The manager brought in by Tottenham, who excluded Turnhach from the candidate, was Nunu Espiritu Santo. Nunu was dismissed for poor performance just four months after taking office. Antonio Conte later took over and led Tottenham.

Conte’s system was also a series of failures. Conte overcame sluggishness under the Nunu system in the 2021-22 season, his first season as a manager, and put Tottenham in fourth place in the league. However, he stepped down as a manager in March last year after suffering a slump again last season. Since then, Tottenham has served as an acting manager twice, but failed to break a no-knit chain.

Currently, however, Ahn is recovering stability little by little by little by appointing Coach Postecoglou. He also had no loss in 10 consecutive games (eight wins and two draws) in the first half of this season, and failed to win in five consecutive games, before continuing to compete at the top ranks.

On the other hand, Turnhach, who failed to take the post at Tottenham, headed to Manchester United a year later. He led Manchester United to third place in the league in his first season as a manager thanks to his outstanding leadership at Ajax.

However, the team finished the first half of this season with its worst performance ever. It has been criticized for favoring players from the Netherlands, especially from its former Ajax team, and is showing problems with communication to the extent that friction with players is constantly being raised.

As a result, Tottenham’s boardzin’s eyes were accurate. Tottenham, which had filtered Turnhach, brought a master named Postecoglou, but Manchester United, which appointed Turnhach, has not been able to get out of the swamp of sluggishness.

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