Unchanging shortstop surgery → 1R promising players, will they return to the starting lineup with defense and long-range hitting capability

Lee Jae-hyun was the starting shortstop for the Samsung Lions. Lee Jae-hyun, a graduate of Seoul High School, joined Samsung as the first pick in 2022, and gained experience from the rookie season to emerge as the starting shortstop for the Lions. In the 2023 season, Lee played in 143 games and played 1,156 ⅓s as a shortstop. Lee Jae-hyun was deeply rooted in Samsung’s center line, earning full trust from manager Park Jin-man.헤라카지노

However, Lee will not be able to play in the early 2024 season. Lee, who has been showing signs of chronic shoulder dislocation, underwent surgery. Lee will take up to six months to complete recovery, and will undergo training afterwards. Samsung is in a tight position to play without its main shortstop in the early part of this season.

There is an alternative. Kang Han-ul and infield utility Ryu Ji-hyuk, who have signed FA contracts, can also defend shortstop. Samsung is preparing another shortstop. Kim Young-woong is the star of the team. A graduate of Water Vault, Kim joined Samsung as the No. 3 player in the first round in 2022. He was selected in the upper round with high expectations that he would grow into a big infielder. Since joining the team, he has mostly played as a third baseman, and plans to play as a shortstop to fill the gap left by Lee Jae-hyun, who joined the team in the same period.

“I’m practicing shortstop defense this winter,” Kim told SportsB News at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. Since he played shortstop until high school, he has no difficulty adjusting to the situation. “I’m doing it comfortably because it’s a position I’ve been playing in. I’ve been practicing with funk, but I think I’ve gotten a lot better. I’ve gained confidence, too,” Kim said, adding that the preparation process was easy.

The fact that he finished the season with fond memories last year was another driving force. Kim had one homer, two RBIs and a batting average of 0.286 (4 hits in 14 times at bat) in seven games in October. He displayed good batting pace, but failed to complete the season as he was called up by the Miyazaki Education League. “I did not play in many games, but I was able to see a little bit of hope,” Kim said.

He made efforts to build a healthy body during the off-season. Due to a torn shoulder during the Miyazaki Education League, he focused on rehabilitation and strengthened his physical fitness through weight training. “I got an injury in Japan. I went through rehabilitation in Korea. Now I am 100 percent better. I gained more strength through weight training. I should not get sick anymore,” Kim said, expressing confidence in his physical condition.

As much as defense training, he pays attention to batting. He wants to show off his strength in slugging during the season. “I’m trying to improve batting accuracy and speed up batting. I’m a mid- to long-range batter. If batting speed increases, chances are high that it will lead to long-range hitting again. I’m conducting well as planned,” Kim said.

He aims to achieve double-digit homers. “I want to hit more than 10 homers,” Kim said. “I just try not to be greedy. If I feel pressured, I don’t think the result will match. Whenever I enter the batter’s box, I try to hit the ball accurately. I will swing according to the situation,” Kim said. “First of all, I want to show good performance to coaches including coaches during spring camp.”

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