In the second half of the year, an injury warning issued to the league!

2023-2024 Chung Kwan-jang Professional Basketball has entered the second half of the season after the All-Star Game. With no significant change in rankings compared to last December, each team has been issued an injury warning. As the main players’ injuries are becoming more frequent as the team loses physical strength in the second half of the season, injury management can be one of the key keywords for the rest of the season. (All records and performances as of Jan. 23, 2024)

SK’s fierce sprint

The hottest team in December was SK. SK, which started its winning streak with an 81-69 victory over Korea Gas Corporation on Dec. 14, was jaw-dropping as it won all remaining games in December. It was SK that posted the best performance along with KCC with nine wins and two losses in December.

SK, whose break broke, continued its run in January. SK, which continued its winning streak by catching Samsung 80-76 in the first game of the new year with S-the-Bee, continued its winning streak to a whopping 12 straight wins.

SK’s fierce sprint stopped until the last game of the first half. It was a 75-90 defeat against KCC, the last game ahead of the All-Star break. At that time, Ra Gun-ah played full-time and recorded 29 points and 15 rebounds, putting the brakes on SK’s winning streak.

What’s surprising about SK’s winning streak is that it overcame such a tight schedule and accumulated wins. SK, which plays both EASL and league, has constantly had a one-day break and a one-day game. However, such a hell of a schedule did not stop SK from running.

During the winning streak, SK has displayed remarkable defensive performance that simply hit other teams with shields. During the winning streak, SK scored 69.2 points on average, ranking first in the entire league. Considering that LG, which ranked second, lost 79.0 points, we can see how special SK’s defense was.

Although Kim Sun-hyung and Oh Se-geun’s sluggishness has been prolonged, the card to use Choi Won-hyuk and Oh Jae-hyun as starters worked, and Jamil Warney, as the best player in the KBL, continued his strong performance by bombarding the opponent rim day after day this season. SK, which showed stable balance of offense and defense, was able to continue its winning streak in a good mood.

Based on this run, SK has already ranked second in the league after DB. Currently, the gap is 3.5 games. Although there is a considerable gap, it is not an irreversible gap as there are still many games left in the season.마카오카지노

Coach Jeon expressed his satisfaction after winning 12 consecutive games. “Players probably feel that they do not lose in team fights. They have strong defense, so they have confidence that they cannot give up. That part is encouraging. We have no choice but to keep it defensive. We did not win 12 consecutive games neatly, but what we can do in a row is the power of confidence that players feel. We are building confidence to win a close game. It is what players are good at and I only gave a spoon to it,” Jeon said, attributing the victory to players.

Korea Gas Corporation, best team in January?

When looking at each team’s monthly performance, DB posted the highest winning percentage in October and November, and KCC and SK posted the highest winning percentage in December. Then, which team has the highest winning percentage in the league so far in January? Surprisingly, it is Korea Gas Corporation.

Starting with an 81-70 victory over Chung in the first game in January, Korea Gas Corporation entered the new year in a cheerful mood by garnering four consecutive wins. Although the winning streak was suspended due to the loss to Hyundai Mobis, it caught SK again in the ensuing game. Korea Gas Corporation ranks first overall with 83.3 percent of the winning rate with five wins and one loss so far in January.

It is a surprising turnaround that could not have been expected even at the beginning of the season. Korea Gas Corporation started the season as the weakest team along with Samsung and accumulated losses at a steep pace as expected. Korea Gas Corporation had one win and three losses in October and completely collapsed with one win and nine losses in November.

However, Korea Gas Corporation has seen its performance change completely as it enters the middle of the season. Andrew Nicholson has also shown strong motivation in defense and rebound, unlike in the early days of joining the team. Semsef Belangel is also leading the team’s upward trend, taking the lead in the guard position.

Above all, Duvan Maxwell, who joined Korea Gas Corporation after the end of the contract after playing as an alternative foreign player in the government office, is playing a great vocal leader. The record is not fancy, but Maxwell’s presence is an important part of the reversal story created by Korea Gas Corporation.

  • Korea Gas Corporation’s reversal *
    October: 1 win and 3 losses (joint 8th)
    November: 1 wins and 9 losses (9th place)
    December: 5 wins and 8 losses (7th)
    January: 5 wins and 1 loss (1st place)

Acting head coach Kang Hyuk, who took the helm of Korea Gas Corp. for the first time this season, feels proud of the team’s different appearance. After winning the game against SK, Kang said, “We lost more than 90 points in defense in the early days of the season. It was chaotic as Hicks left and Chabawi did not move up. However, as time passed, cohesion formed and trust and trust formed with each other. When Nicholson fired shots, other players participated in the rebound, gained trust and became sticky,” in expressing assessment on the team’s changed performance.

Given the low winning percentage in the early days of the season, it is not an easy mission for Korea Gas Corporation to seek to advance to the playoffs. However, Korea Gas Corporation has emerged as an object of alert, as it is not easily lagging behind even top teams due to its completely changed performance.

an injury warning issued to the league

After the All-Star break, the season has already passed the middle of the season. As the physical strength gradually decreases and competition intensifies day by day, the number of injuries is increasing. As a result, each team is on alert for injuries.

SK and Korea Gas Corporation, which were mentioned earlier, are also suffering from injuries. Starting with Heo Il-young, Kim Sun-hyung and Ahn Young-joon left one after another due to injuries.

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