Lim Hye-dong, who ripped off hundreds of millions of won against Kim Ha-sung and Ryu Hyun-jin, dismissed the arrest warrant. Why?

The arrest warrant for former Kiwoom Heroes pitcher Lim Hye-dong, who is accused of extorting hundreds of millions of won by threatening Kim Ha-sung and Ryu Hyun-jin, was rejected.

Yoo Chang-hoon, a senior judge in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court, conducted a interrogation of the suspect before arresting Lim Hye-dong, who is suspected of joint blackmail, on the 25th and rejected the request for an arrest warrant on the grounds that additional clarification was needed.헤라카지노

The court said that it is difficult to acknowledge the significance of issuing arrest warrants, considering the necessity of clarification and the exercise of the right to defend the suspect, and whether additional explanations are needed on whether the charges are a major part of the conspiracy or sharing the execution of the crime with accomplices and whether racketeering is established.

Earlier, Kim Ha-sung filed a complaint with the police against Lim Hye-dong in November last year, claiming that he had been continuously asked for settlement money by Lim Hye-dong after having a physical fight with Lim Hye-dong while drinking at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul in 2021.

In response, when Lim Hye-dong refuted that he had been repeatedly assaulted by Kim Ha-sung, Kim Ha-sung denied this and filed an additional complaint against Lim Hye-dong on defamation charges.

After receiving Kim Ha-sung’s complaint, the police caught Lim Hye-dong extorting hundreds of millions of won from Ryu Hyun-jin in a similar way during the investigation. Ryu Hyun-jin reportedly handed over 300 million won after receiving threats after having a drinking party with Lim Hye-dong in 2022.

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