“Look at Baran-Casemiro.” Man Utd reveal why they refused to recruit Benzema… “Older player refuses to pay high salary”

Manchester United’s new owner Jim Ratcliffe has set a firm standard for future transfers.

British Sports Bible reported on the 25th (Korean time), “Ineos raised questions about the two contracts he signed in the past of Manchester United, and he will not repeat his mistakes.”

Sports Bible said, “Ineos, Manchester United’s new investor, seems to have questioned two transfers that reveal the club’s problems. Ineos has several concerns about paying Raphael Varane and Casemiro a huge salary.”꽁머니사이트

Manchester United recruited Varane ahead of the 2021-2022 season and Casemiro before the 2022-2023 season. The two players were expected to be a great help to Manchester United as they had already been verified at Real Madrid.

Both players met their expectations during their debut seasons. However, they started to falter in the second season. Varane had been suffering from injury, which had been a hindrance since his days with Real Madrid, and Casemiro has been sidelined due to both poor performance and injury this season. Consequently, it has become widely expected that both players will leave Manchester United at the end of this winter’s transfer window or this season.

Manchester United also rejected recruitment of Kareem Benzema, who was recently linked with Manchester United, in consideration of such past cases. Benzema, who moved to Saudi Arabia last summer after moving to R-Itihad, is currently preparing to return to Europe. It was known that Manchester United and Arsenal are considering recruiting Benzema.

Citing a report by Chris Wheeler, a British Daily Mail reporter, Sports Bible explained, “Manchester United is not active at all about the rumor of recruiting Benzema. The Ineos Group will not bring in another 36-year-old Real star at a time when it is contemplating whether it would be wise to pay Casemiro and Varane a lot.”

He then added that Manchester United is not expected to pour a lot of cash even if new investments go ahead because Manchester United has more than £300 million in debt in transfer fees.

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