“Even if I win, I’ll leave.” News of “all-out resignation.” Sabi confirmed his split with Barcelona

Two days after the news of Jurgen Klopp’s resignation, another shocking news was reported. Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez will break up with Barcelona at the end of this season.

Barcelona, led by coach Xavi, lost 3-5 in the 22nd round of Spain’s La Liga in the 2023-24 season against Villarreal at the Estadi Olympics Ryuis Companis in Barcelona, Spain, on the 28th (Korea time).

After allowing Villarreal two goals, Barcelona balanced the game thanks to Ilkay Günd이ᅀᆫan’s chase goal and Pedri’s equalizer. He then scored his own goal and took the lead, but he lost 3-5 after losing three goals, including the extra time in the second half.꽁머니사이트

It was a shock come-from-behind loss. Barcelona took the lead in the game with more than 70 percent of possession. It made effective shots in seven out of 10 shots, threatening Villarreal. However, the problem was defense. Barcelona lost all five of its shots it allowed to its opponent, leading to a loss of points. Inaki Peña, the starting goalkeeper, failed to make a single shot.

More shocking news came after the match. It was the news of Xavi’s resignation. To be precise, Xavi’s announcement that he had decided to leave Barcelona at the end of this season shocked fans.

Xavi said in a press conference after the match, “I will leave Barcelona at the end of this season. I will leave the club on June 30. I made the decision after discussions with Chairman Juan Laporta and the staff. Barcelona needs to change. I think this decision will alleviate the overall situation. I feel responsible. I decided to leave a few days ago, and now I have decided to announce this.”

After Xavi’s remarks, Barcelona said on its website that he would leave Barcelona after June 30. “I think the current decision is the best option for Barcelona,” Xavi said, announcing that he will complete his accompaniment with Xavi at the end of this season.

Barcelona said Xavi made the decision because he loved the club. “I don’t want to be a problem for the club. I want to be a solution for Barcelona, just like I did two years ago,” Xavi said.

Xavi’s poor performance is the biggest reason why he is giving up the baton. Barcelona is currently ranked third in La Liga with 44 points after Real Madrid and Girona FC. Real has 54 points and Girona has 52 points. Unless the two teams slip, it will be difficult for Barcelona to win the league title this season.

His performance is not good enough. Aside from Barcelona’s performance, coach Xavi’s tactics throughout this season have been questioned. Critics pointed out that his players are only exhausted amid unclear tactics. Barcelona confirmed its advance to the round of 16 strongest teams of the UEFA Champions League this season, but negative public sentiment toward Xavi has remained the same.

He also missed the title. Barcelona failed to win the Spanish Super Cup title after losing the Spanish Super Cup final against its rival Real early in the year. Barcelona allowed a hat trick to Vinicius Junior on the day, and suffered a humiliating loss at El Clasico. The crushing defeat he suffered at El Clasico in the final of the cup despite his poor performance was nothing but added fuel to Xavi’s negative public opinion.

Xavi did not always lead the team in negative moods. Public opinion was good in the early days of his appointment as Barcelona coach. Xavi, who took the helm of Barcelona during the 2021-22 season, displayed good performance by defeating Real Madrid 4-0 at a time when his team was not fully established and he ended the season as second in the league.

During the 2022-23 season, he recruited a number of frugal players who had been in free agency, and also brought in proven players including Robert Lewandowski, Hafinha, and Jules Kounde with support from his club to strengthen his team’s capability. Adding his own tactics to this, Xavi led Barcelona to the championship in his second year in the league. Barcelona confirmed its victory early in the 34th round of the league this season.

The picture was nice, too. Xavi was a legendary figure in Barcelona. He was born with “La Masia,” a young player of the Barcelona team, and won numerous titles while playing in the pro baseball league. Xavi’s ability to pressure and pass the team and coordinate matches in the midfield enabled him to become the center of the national team of Barcelona and Spain. It was not an exaggeration to say that Barcelona revolves around Xavi.

He has a brilliant career in winning. He has won eight La Liga titles, three Copa del Rey titles, six Supercopa de España titles, four UEFA Champions League titles, and two UEFA Super Cup titles.

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