Why Kiwoom Heroes’ ‘Expectation Week’ Jang Jae-young and Kim Dong-heon are on the Arizona Scam List

Kiwoom Heroes, the lowest-ranked team in the 2023 regular season, excluded promising batteries from the first camp list. It is a management dimension.헤라카지노

Kiwoom will hold the first spring camp of 2024 at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Arizona, the U.S., from the 29th to the 14th of next month. The club said, “We plan to focus on basic training and improve our condition.”

Most of the main players, including team flagship player Kim Hye-sung and eldest brother Lee Yong-kyu, have been put on the list to go to the U.S. However, Kim Dong-hun, a catcher in his second year since debut, and Jang Jae-young, a right-handed pitcher who finally showed competitiveness after serving as a starting pitcher for the 203rd season, are absent.

The club said it was a kind of management.

Kim played 522 innings since his debut in the 2023 professional stage. He also participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC).

Kim Dong-heon is still in his second year in the team, which lacks know-how in managing his condition. As he plays the U.S. camp, which requires a lot of time to adjust to jet lag, he may lose his condition. As he has already verified his skills, it is most important to improve his physical condition in time for the opening of the 2024 season. Kiwoom will hold the second camp at Borders Qingpu Baseball Stadium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan from 18th to March 5th. Kim Dong-heon is expected to join the first team in Taiwan.

The same applies to Jang Jae-young. After the 2022 season, he was sent to the Australian professional baseball league as a member of Geelong Korea, and played in the immediately following spring camp for the first team. He was sluggish in the early days of last season, but he continued to rotate starting pitchers since June, and played the most innings (71 and two thirds) in the first team in his three years since joining Kiwoom. He has also improved his ball control, which had been criticized for problems. The team has given consideration to players so that they can fully recover from fatigue accumulated last season.

Kiwoom did not divide the list of U.S. and Taiwan camps based on their respective teams (1st and 2nd tier teams) last year. Players who needed to regain sense of play and players who needed to check basic skills and skills mainly went to Taiwan. This year, Kiwoom’s U.S. camps have shorter schedules compared to last year. The first tier team will also move to Taiwan in mid-February. This is why the team did not bother to bring Kim Dong-heon and Jang Jae-young to the U.S.

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