30,000 Saudi spectators? Rather, it’s better.” Oh Hyun-kyu said, “It’s fun if you have a lot of fans. Saudi analysis is over

Oh Hyun-kyu responded by saying, “It’s rather good” to the mobilization of “Saudi 30,000 spectators.”

The round of 16 match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup between South Korea and Saudi Arabia will take place at Education City Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar, at 7 p.m. on Thursday (local time). South Korea ranked second in Group E with one win and two draws.마카오토토

Starting from the round of 16, matches will be held in the evening, instead of 2:30 p.m., when the previous three matches were played. The Korean national team has also changed its training cycle in line with this. The team will have its training session at 4 p.m. from Friday.

Oh Hyun-kyu appeared in an on-site interview on the day. “All of our players have become one team and are preparing for the match against Saudi Arabia, so we are preparing well from training to the outside to play with the mindset that it is a final,” Oh said of Saudi Arabia’s team atmosphere. On the expectation that many Saudi fans will visit the stadium, Oh expressed confidence, saying, “It would be fun if there are many fans.” Hereinafter, an interview with Oh Hyun-kyu

  • What is the atmosphere of the team ahead of the Saudi match?

It’s very good. All of our players have become one team and are preparing for the match against Saudi Arabia, and we are preparing well from training to external parts to play with the idea of a final.

  • It changed from morning to afternoon training.

If you train in the morning, you have time in the afternoon, and if you train in the afternoon, you have time in the morning. It is up to the individual to adapt accordingly. Since the next game is an evening game, I do it at this time, and I think the quality of my training will be better because the weather is so nice.

There’s a point about the strikers’ scorelessness

I am always confident. If you play with the mindset that you are ready to score a goal and always play for the team, it would be nice if you follow the goal, but if you can play for the team one more time, I don’t think there is a problem that you can’t score a goal.

I also had a lot of conversations with (Cho) Kyu-sung after the game. We had a lot of conversations after the game, and each side seems to have their own concerns. Even if I don’t say it, I know him very well and there is pressure to score a goal, but in order to be recognized, I have to score a goal. So I will try to score a goal in the next game.

Oh Hyun-kyu (men’s national football team). Courtesy of the Korea Football Association

  • Son Heung-min said to protect the players.

Heung-min always tries to speak positively to strikers, defenders, and midfielders. Heung-min always says good things as the captain so that the atmosphere doesn’t get down, and he comes forward and makes jokes first but leads the atmosphere. Watching that, I think our youngest members should always make the atmosphere better. So I think a lot of fans are more concerned, but we have no problem. Since it’s real from the round of 16, we’re only watching the match against Saudi Arabia.

  • Are you done analyzing the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia has watched the game every time and watched the group stage. I think we’ve done all the analysis. Now we just have to do well. If we prepare well, I think we can win enough.

Q: As Saudi Arabia is full of players, it is said that the defense has strengthened since the coach joined the team. The team has lost only one goal in eight games, but it has lost few points,

I think it’s because I haven’t met Korea.

  • What kind of order does director Klinsmann give to the strikers.

Like the coach, he was a striker when he was a player, and what I want from strikers is a goal. I don’t know what will happen in the offensive area, so I think we should always prepare accordingly. It would be better if we prepared a separate tactic, but it can get more complicated if we do that. I think that if you do it simply and be more creative as a striker, you will definitely score a lot of goals.

  • I think the Saudi match will be an away game.

I think it’s going to be fun because a lot of fans are coming. In fact, it might not feel like we’re playing because it’s quiet without fans, but I think we’ll be more excited if a lot of fans from both sides come.

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