“Hit, right, home run, right, don’t be scared.” Kiwoom’s magic spell awakened to the last prospect of the first nomination, dreaming of his first start win since his debut

Joo Seung-woo (24), the last prospect of the Kiwoom Heroes’ first nomination, has expressed his ambition to show him playing against the batter this year.

Joo Seung-woo joined Kiwoom with the first pick of the 2023 rookie draft. The KBO rookie draft abolished the first pick system and introduced the full draft in 2022, when the 2023 rookie draft was held, making Joo the last first pick player to be drafted by Kiwoom.월카지노

Joo, who had high expectations for joining the spring camp for the top-tier Korean pro league in his first year, only posted an earned run average of 10.80 in four games (three ⅓ innings), regretting his disappointment. He had high expectations for his full potential in last year as well, but he left a lackluster performance with one loss and an earned run average of 9.56 in 11 games (16 innings). In the Futures League, he recorded seven wins, 11 losses and an earned run average of 4.67 in 36 games (135 innings).

“I prepared for the season while training at Gocheok Dome. I have entered technical training and am throwing balls. I feel that it will be better than last year. I did not show much performance in the first division last year, but I am preparing for the off-season with the intention that I would like to throw more innings this year,” Joo said.

Joo had a painful memory last season. He pitched in the ninth inning with Kiwoom leading 10-3 in the game against Lotte on Aug. 9, and managed to secure the first two batters well, but suddenly lost control of his team, allowing three consecutive walks and leaving the mound. Kiwoom ended up allowing five runs in the ninth inning, securing 10-8 victory. Joo moved to the second tier team and started reorganizing himself the next day. “In the end, to survive in the first tier, ball control is important. No matter how good a pitch is, a sudden collapse of his team means a problem with his skills. He needs to hone his ball control a little more. I emphasize it once again to grow up in the first tier, but the first thing is ball control,” manager Hong Won-ki said, urging Joo to improve his ball control.

“I think pitchers have half their confidence, but I think they were a little daunted back then,” recalled Joo Seung-woo, who recalled the situation at the time. So, I prepared again while reorganizing in the second division. Control is important, but I think psychology is big. Now I have made a psychological routine to make sure I have control.”

“I’m trying to throw the ball in a stable manner by repeating the phrase I had in mind,” Joo said. “Before pitching, I said, ‘That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. It’s right. Don’t be intimidated.’ It means that even if you get hit by a batter, you should throw confidently. So far, it seems to be effective.” “My biggest goal this year is to catch a strike at the first pitch. I’d rather throw a pitch that produces more hits than walks,” he added.

Kiwoom’s starting rotation this season is Muju Gongsan. Choi Won-tae, one of the main starting pitchers, was traded to LG last year, and ace Ahn Woo-jin started serving in the military after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Currently, except for two foreign pitchers, all of them have to join the starting lineup through competition.

“I want to record a starting win as a starting pitcher this year,” Joo said. “I had an interview with the coach and he told me to prepare well because I could have many opportunities this year. After hearing that, I thought I had to seize the opportunity unconditionally. I have not been able to show my best performance as a first-round pick, but I will do my best to show many good performances this year.”

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