KIA who nailed ‘no acting system’, who should be the manager… ‘Think deeply, but appoint quickly’

Who knew such a “nuclear bomb” would fall out of the blue in KIA Tigers.

I can only describe it as “shock.” An arrest warrant has been sought for an incumbent professional baseball coach on charges of in-lawsuit. At first, I thought it was a corruption case regarding his request to join an independent baseball team. An independent baseball team executive was sued for extorting money from players on the pretext of his close relationship with the team’s manager, and the manager who was involved in the scandal was KIA manager Kim Jong-guk. It happened in the middle of this month. At that time, Kim and his real name were not disclosed. Kim had expressed his unfairness in an anonymous voice.헤라카지노

However, something extraordinary happened that brought down Kim. Prosecutors who were investigating former general manager Jang Jung-seok, who caused a stir due to controversy over illegal fund scandal involving Park Dong-won (LG) FA, even applied for an arrest warrant on Kim’s alleged malpractice. According to prosecutors, Kim reportedly received about 100 million won (approx. 100 million won) from a coffee company that sponsored the KIA team in the name of assisting in the agreement.

Kim will undergo a substantial review of his warrant at the Seoul Central District Court on Tuesday. The court’s photo line shows an extremely rare scene. Regardless of whether he was arrested or not, the reputation of himself and the club has already been tarnished. It is unknown how the money was spent and how Kim helped the sponsor, but it seems certain that he received the money for now. KIA replaced Kim on Tuesday. It was a natural step that was predicted after suspending his job on Friday.

It is a big shock, but unless KIA dismantles its baseball team, it should play baseball. Coincidentally, the team leaves for spring camp for Australia on the day the coach stands in the photo line. The spring camp can be led by the existing coaches, but there should be a coach in the season. It is urgent to select a new coach.

This is a very difficult issue, however. In other words, the realistic scenario is that a coach should be appointed from within the team, who knows the current situation of the players best, as the season is just around the corner. If appointing a coach is an adventure, there is a way to put out an urgent fire by setting this season as an acting coach. However, Kia is a team that can seek to win the title this year in light of its capability. Under an acting coach system, a team cannot compete in a full-term race. For this reason, Kia’s team is also flatly saying that it will not have an acting coach system.

Internally, even if he is promoted to an official coach, there is no personnel management who can demonstrate his skill to overturn the unstable situation. Jin Gap-yong and Lee Bum-ho could be candidates, but no matter who does it, he is a beginner. On top of that, the personnel management that was working with coach Kim followed suit, and it is not good.

In the end, chances are high that a new coach will come from outside. However, the current coaching staff cannot be replaced in a timely and realistic manner. In the end, he should be someone who can embrace the current coaching system even if he doesn’t like him. Whether you are close to them or if you are charismatic and can dominate the mood, you should have a clear direction. After all, it seems that an experienced leader is needed.

“We will consider deeply, but we will promptly appoint a new manager,” a Kia official said. All of the current KIA team’s reality is contained in just one word.

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