Levi’s ‘Predictive’…Final winner is Tottenham, urgent to reevaluate ‘Devil Negotiator’

Chairman Daniel Levy’s long-term policy is only now shining. This can be seen in Tottenham Hotspur’s transfer market this winter.

Levy’s image is ‘salty.’ Until now, Tottenham has been famous for being stingy in investing in the transfer market and not making concessions in negotiations until it can recruit players at the desired price. This is because Levy has his own firm philosophy on money-related issues. That’s why Levy is nicknamed the “Devil Negotiator” mixed with favorable reviews and negative reviews.꽁머니사이트

Public opinion of Tottenham fans was not favorable. Other Premier League teams open their wallets to recruit star players every season, and it was only natural for Tottenham to recognize that it is a team that always brings in lower-level players. Tottenham fans might have felt disappointed to see Arsenal and Chelsea, the rivals in the next neighborhood, easily recruit expensive players.

However, analysts say that Levy’s policy, which Tottenham fans disliked, is only now taking effect. The U.K.’s Football London said, “Levy was right to take care of financial fair play (FFP) rules at a time when teams were threatened with points cuts. Tottenham spent money in the winter transfer market when other PL teams were quiet, proving that Levy’s long-term race could succeed.”

In fact, Tottenham was the most active player in the transfer market this winter. In the early days of the transfer market, Timo Werner was hired on loan, and Radu Dragusin was also hired to strengthen both offense and defense. In addition, Tottenham is known to be targeting Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher. Aston Villa’s Jacob Ramsey is also linking up with Tottenham in the final days of the transfer market.

Analysts say that it was the result of the choice made by Chairman Levy, who focused on securing profits rather than spending. The media said, “Chairman Levy has often been ridiculed by fans for always thinking about the financial aspects and running the club like a business instead of spending money for success like other owners and chairman.” “The fact that the only victory he won under Chairman Levy was the 2008 EFL Cup (League Cup) also explains the anger of Tottenham fans,” he said.

Levy has provided various channels to make a profit. “Tottenham currently has one of the best and state-of-the-art stadiums in the world and has partnerships with profitable businesses such as the NFL and Formula 1 (F1). Levy’s prudence about money will enable Tottenham to move forward in a good direction,” said Football London.

He explained that PL clubs have been hit by FFPs recently. In this season’s PL, Everton have failed to comply with the Revenue and Sustainability Regulations (PSR), resulting in a 10-point cut. In addition, Chelsea and Manchester City are currently facing charges related to FFP regulations, and Nottingham Forest, along with Everton, are at risk of a point cut.

Tottenham is free from such a situation. Football London said, “Tottenham currently is far from being cut or fined. This is because Tottenham is more compliant with PSR than any other club in the PL. If the rules are not relaxed next year, Tottenham will be in a strong position financially. Chairman Levy may have played long games. And now it may pay off,” adding that Tottenham could benefit from Chairman Levy.

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