Five years ago, a second-tier player whose dream was 50 million won… He went to Arizona with an annual salary of 510 million won. “I didn’t know this day would come.”

In 2019, just five years ago, Hong Chang-ki of the LG Twins hoped for an annual salary of 50 million won. In that year, Hong Chang-ki’s annual salary was 35 million won.

Hong Chang-ki has been talented in batting since he joined the Futures League in 2016. He recorded a batting average of 311 percent in the Futures League, and in 2017, he became the future batting champion by posting a batting average of 401 percent in the police. Hong, who also recorded a batting average of 311 percent in 2018, had no further improvement in his skills in the Futures League.

However, he was not in the main league. In 2016, he had no hit in four times at bat in three games. In 2018, he had a batting average of 167 in 12 games (3 times at bat). In 2019, he had a batting average of only 25 percent (six times at 24 times at bat) in 23 games.월카지노

He did not miss the opportunity that he had in 2020. Hong Chang-ki, who joined the team where his flagship top hitter Lee Chun-woong was sidelined due to an injury, started to display his talent in the first division as well. In that year, he recorded a batting average of 279 with 114 hits in 408 times at bat, and allowed 83 walks to reach an on-base percentage of 411 or so. He ranked sixth in on-base percentage and No. 1 in his team in terms of on-base percentage, solidifying his position as a top hitter. His annual salary, which stood at 38 million won in 2020, instantly reached 100 million won in 2021. Hong, who said his wish was to receive 50 million won, instantly ended up earning 50 million won.

In 2021, he played full-time as a top hitter from the start of the season, and posted a batting average of 328 with 172 hits and 103 points. He garnered 109 walks and became the on-base king with an on-base percentage of 456 runs, and even acquired the Golden Glove. His annual salary has risen vertically from 100 million won to 320 million won.

In 2022, he faltered with a batting average of 286 with 125 hits and an on-base percentage of 309, but he became the top scorer and on-base percentage with a batting average of 332, 174 hits, 109 runs and an on-base percentage of 4404, winning his second Golden Glove award. His annual salary jumped from 300 million won to 510 million won. A second-tier player who seemed happy even if he received 50 million won became a representative player in the KBO League, earning tenfold in just five years.

When Hong Chang-ki talked about 50 million won while leaving for the spring camp in Arizona, the U.S. on the 30th, he smiled as if he remembered himself. Hong Chang-ki said, “I didn’t know this day would come and I thought, can I get it? I went to a lot of matches and got good results. Thank you so much for your care in the team. I think I have to do better as much as I received a lot, so I think I need to prepare better.”

Hong’s strength is that he excels at pioneering. It remains to be seen whether Hong’s pioneering plan will be influenced by the Automatic Ball-Strike System (ABS), a so-called robot umpire, which will be newly introduced this year. Hong Chang-ki did not clearly judge it as a ball, but if the robot umpire judges it as a strike, he will inevitably be confused. In particular, since the strike zone for robot umpires is constant, Hong has to match the zone of robot umpires unconditionally.

When asked by reporters whether the strike zone has the advantage of being constant, Hong Chang-ki said, “However, I was told that a ball that cannot be hit from a batter’s point of view can become a strike if it passes through the zone. This is something that the batter cannot do about,” adding, “I think we need to prepare while hearing from the referees who come to the training camp.” The “Robot umpire” will be available from the exhibition game on March 9.

Rather than making big changes this season, Hong said he would focus on hitting stronger hits. “Last year was last year, and we’re starting a new season, so we have to prepare well,” he said. “I practiced a lot thinking about how I can send stronger hits.”

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